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Dr Elizabeth Tandy Shermer

Dr Tandy Shermer is Assistant Professor of History at Loyola University Chicago.

Her fellowship at the Trinity Long Room Hub is in collaboration with the School of Histories and Humanities.

During her fellowship Dr Shermer will be conducting research for her book’s epilogue, which explores why, how, and to what degree the funding mechanism central to the America’s market-based postsecondary education system has been exported abroad in the new millennium.

 Despite widespread American concerns about soaring bankruptcy, debt, and dropout rates, foreign governments are now toying with loan schema as a means to mitigate tuition costs, which, in many Western European countries, were only recently introduced or substantially raised. However, even if these nations do not seem to be explicitly following the American model, they are also experimenting with reforms currently discussed in the US.

Ireland, for example, is confronting tuition raises with a graduate-loan scheme that is income contingent, a variation of an idea discussed by some of the 2016 Republican candidates for president.

Dr Elizabeth Tandy Shermer participated in a ‘Fellow in Focus’ conversation with Dr Daniel Geary on Wednesday, 15 March 2017 at 11:00 in the Trinity Long Room Hub. Dr Tandy Shermer was also part of a Behind the Headlines discussion on Trump's Amerca, 60 Days In.

During her fellowship, Dr Tandy Shermer attracted considerable media attention and featured on Myles Dungan’s The History Show on RTE radio; she was interviewed on Newstalk’s radio Breakfast Show; she featured in an op-ed to, an online newspaper; and she also appeared on TV3 on the television programme Agenda

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