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Dr Cláudia Tatinge Nascimento

The Trinity Long Room Hub is delighted to welcome Dr Cláudia Tatinge Nascimento from Wesleyan University, Connecticut as a Visiting Research Fellow in collaboration with the School of Creative Arts.


Dr Tatinge Nascimento is a theatre artist and scholar with a special interest in experimental performance and cultural negotiations onstage. Awards include a Consulate General of Brazil in New York Arts Grant to direct Pornographic Angel, her published adaptation of Brazilian playwright Nelson Rodrigues’ short stories. She is the author of Crossing Cultural Borders Through the Actor’s Work: Foreign Bodies of Knowledge (Routledge, 2007).

Dr Tatinge Nascimento has performed in Europe, North and South America, and her articles appear in The Drama Review (United States), Theatre Research International (UK), Biblioteca Teatrale (Italy), Didaskalia (Poland), Studia Dramatica (Romania), A[l]berto and Folhetim (Brazil). A Professor of Theatre at Wesleyan University, she teaches performance studies, theory, and studio courses.


Dr Tatinge Nascimento’s Trinity Long Room Hub Research Fellowship welcomes the engagement of students towards the creation of site-specific performance structures that principally underscore Trinity’s research themes “Identities in Transformation” and “Creative Arts Practice,” while also contemplating the “Making Ireland” research theme.

Dr Tatinge Nascimento will elicit the participants’ input in the gathering of materials that speak to different generation’s personal identities and cultural roots—while some sources may be of relevance to how each may self-identify, others may reflect their personal understandings of lineage and how it comes to inform contemporary Ireland’s national profile. Thematically, this research intends to delve into the intersections of individual and national identities; notions of displacement and territory; and understandings about heritage and cultural change. These investigative approaches hope to broaden the reach of the “Identities in Transformation” research theme to also contribute to Trinity’s ongoing work in “Inclusive Society.”

By intersecting diverse and contemporary perceptions of both lineage and displacement, this artistic exploration welcomes the voices of populations old and new in Ireland. For her scholarly project, Dr Tatinge Nascimento examines the performance of national identity in the architecture, displays, and cultural programs of turn-of-the-century World Fairs/Expositions. During her stay in Dublin, she will peruse archival documents from the Ireland International Exposition of 1907.

Dr Tatinge Nascimento gave the fourth lecture in the Constellations Series, In Defense of Theatre (or the trouble with “performance”) at the Trinity Long Room Hub on the 25 January 2017.

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