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Dr Barbara Crostini

Dr Barbara Crostini is Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University. Her fellowship at the Trinity Long Room Hub is in collaboration with the Library of Trinity College Dublin.

Dr Crostini has a D.Phil. in Byzantine History from the University of Oxford. Her work interprets the Byzantine world through the combined reading of textual and material culture, with a focus on the visual and intellectual life of monasteries between the ninth and the fourteenth centuries. Dr Crostini has worked towards producing an annotated electronic edition of an illuminated Psalter at the Vatican Library for the Ars edendi programme at Stockholm University (2010-15). She is currently part of a team working on the online catalogue of all Greek manuscripts in Sweden sponsored by the Bank of Sweden at Carolina Library, Uppsala. 

During her fellowship, she will be completing and activating the electronic catalogue of Greek manuscripts at Trinity College Dublin.

Dr Crostini will participate in a Fellow in Focus session at the Trinity Long Room Hub at 1pm on Tuesday, 27 June. In this session, Dr Crostini will describe the spectrum of knowledge and the cultural ambitions reflected in the Greek MSS at TCD, as well as in the ambitions of the collection itself as it was assembled by Archbishop Ussher.

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