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Orysia Kulick

Orysia is a post-doctoral fellow in the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies. Her research is linked to COURAGE, a Horizon2020 funded research project that explores the cultural heritage of dissent in former socialist countries. The project aims to locate existing but scattered archival and private collections about “cultural opposition” in Eastern Europe and link them together in an online database. Twelve partner institutes are located in Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania and Lithuania, as well as Ireland and the UK.

Orysia is responsible for contributions about Ukraine and Ukrainian émigré communities. As the only country in COURAGE whose legacy of cultural opposition to communism begins with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Ukraine’s collections are crucial for the project’s larger epistemological aims. Research thus far has focused on the avant-garde artists of the early Soviet period and their suppression under high Stalinism, the dissidents of 1960s, and human rights activism under Brezhnev. Other areas of interest include faith communities, non-conformism, environmentalism and opposition in everyday life.

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