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Dr Kristian McDaniel-Miccio

In January 2015, the Trinity Long Room Hub was delighted to welcome Visiting Research Fellow, Dr Kristian McDaniel-Miccio from the University of Denver.  

Kristian McDaniel-Miccio is Professor of Law in the Sturm College of Law, University of Denver and was appointed as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Trinity Long Room Hub in collaboration with the School of Law. Her visit also contributed to Trinity’s Identities in Transformation and Making Ireland research themes. 

During her fellowship Dr McDaniel-Miccio researcedh what she believes to be a change in lesbian identity - an identity that now constructs both law and public policy. At present, both jurisdictions are engaged in political discourse that appears to reject, as opposed to adopt, stereotypes of the lesbian and gay community premised on fundamentalist Christian biblical “principles”.

Moreover, anecdotal evidence from the U.S. and Ireland strongly suggests that the lesbian community has abandoned a self-identity that was at once a product of fear and loathing.  But the question remains, what happened and why? In addition to the questions already raised, a corollary issue emerges: did lesbian self and collective identity, vis a vis empowerment, result in disaggregating fundamentalist religious beliefs from civil law?

On Wednesday, 15 April at 6.15pm, Dr McDaniel-Miccio gave a public lecture at the Trinity Long Room Hub titled 'Out of the Closet, Into the Courts: The Struggle for Marriage Equality in the U.S. and Ireland’.

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