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Professor Jennifer Rutherford

The Trinity Long Room Hub was delighted to welcome Professor Jennifer Rutherford as a Visiting Research Fellow.

Associate Professor in Sociology and Literature and Deputy Director of the Hawke Research Institute at the University of South Australia, Professor Rutherford visited with a view to advancing opportunities for inter-institutional collaboration on projects related to the College’s identities in transformation research theme.


Professor Rutherford writes and teaches in the fields of psychoanalytic and social theory, literary and visual cultures, and race relations. She has held research and teaching positions in English, Cultural Studies, Sociology and Australian Studies at the Universities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Macquarie and at the Australian National University. Her forthcoming book Melancholy Migrations; The Other Australia is co-authored with the novelist Brian Castro. Professor Rutherford’s published works include Zombies (Routledge 2013); Halfway House; The Poetics of Australian Space co-edited with Barbara Holloway (UWA Press 2010); The Gauche IntruderFreud, Lacan and the White Australian Imaginary (MUP 2001) and the acclaimed television documentary Ordinary People (Film Australia; 2001). Trained in psychoanalysis at the École de la Cause Freudienne,

Professor Rutherford gave a public lecture ‘Gate-Crashing: Identification and the Collective Zombie’ on Wednesday, 15 January at 6.15pm as part of a special evening of talks on ‘Monstrous Identities’ to launch the Trinity Long Room Hub public lecture series on ‘The Transformative Periphery – Negotiating Identities from the Margins’. Drawing on research from many disciplines, this lecture series explorde how marginal figures, outsiders and those at the periphery of societies threaten and challenge mainstream beliefs and how provocations from the margins are among the most powerful agents for change in societies.

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