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Examining European Cultural Identities through Interdisciplinary Methods.

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Registration and Programme for Workshop 3: Can Education fix Europe? Friday 29th November | 11:00-17:00 | Queen's University Belfast
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Can culture, and Europe’s shared cultural heritage, provide a means of addressing the crisis of European identity? The current European crisis has often been framed in media commentary in economic terms or with regard to the challenges migration presents. However, the growing popularity of political groups across Europe that are critical of the European Union (and the current Brexit process) reflects a crisis in European identity. Many Europeans are unable to identify with European institutions and indeed with what it means to be European today.

This project engages directly with this issue. Such major societal challenges cannot be addressed through one disciplinary approach; therefore this project draws on a range of disciplines in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences (AHSS) and STEM areas to examine the topic of European cultural identity with a long-lens perspective through three workshops.

The workshops will consider the strands of sport and the media, schooling and curriculum design, and landscape as key components of Europe’s shared cultural heritage and identity. These strands will be used as a prism through which the participants will explore European cultural identity, its construction and current crisis.
Landscapes and Townscapes: Thursday 8th August 2019

Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute, Trinity College Dublin.

When landscapes change – either physically lost through development, or seemingly distanced from people due to migration, or border changes – their character can become even more important to people’s identity. Europe is facing major landscape changes in 2019: How have and will landscape changes affect the cultivation of a shared European identity? Workshop 1 adopts a deep-time perspective to Europe and Ireland’s landscape and townscape changes.

Media and Sport: Friday 27th September 2019

National University Ireland, Galway.

Widespread engagement with sport, accelerated by considerable technological advancements, means that sporting practices and representations contribute significantly to the social construction of cultural identities. But how can we better comprehend this process and employ sport and its representation in the future to inform our appreciation, and that of the general public, of our shared European cultural heritage and identity? Workshop 2 will bring together researchers in film and digital media studies, sport and leisure studies, psychology, physiology, and medicine to discuss this.

Schooling and Curricula: Friday 29th November

Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom. Some scholars argue that the promotion of Europe and Europe’s diversity in education has helped transform nation-centred schooling approaches and curricula into more inclusive ones. However, many Europeans are unable to identify with what it means to be European today. Workshop 3 will examine the European dimension in education including the balance between national, European, global, and migration-related curriculum topics, integrating AHSS and STEM perspectives in addressing these challenges. 

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Please direct all queries to the Principal Investigator: Dr Sarah Kerr

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