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CEPRAH : Community Engagement Praxis for Research in the Arts and Humanities

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What is CEPRAH?

In 2021, the Trinity Long Room Hub and AONTAS, Ireland’s National Adult Learning Organisation, launched a new project entitled Community Engagement Praxis for Research in the Arts and Humanities (CEPRAH).

CEPRAH aims to improve collaboration between the Arts and Humanities and civic and community organisations. The project is funded by an Irish Research Council New Foundations Grant (Strand 1a) and will run until December 2021.

Working from a small-scale grassroots context, CEPRAH is working to:
(1) better understand the engagement that is already happening
(2) identify practical pathways and research methods for new collaborations
(3) establish lasting connections and encourage future cross-sector projects

CEPRAH will produce a project an open access portfolio to document its findings and experiences. This will include an overview of practices for collaboration, case studies, testimonials and a bibliography.

CEPRAH Project Survey


To better understand the existing landscape, we are conducting a survey of Arts and Humanities researchers with experience of working in HEIs and practitioners working in civic and community groups. We welcome your participation regardless of previous experience of engagement in this area.

The results of the survey will be anonymised with any personal identifiers removed. The participation survey information is available leaflet here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

CEPRAH Virtual Café, 2 June 2021

The Virtual Café brought together those working in the Arts and Humanities and civic society and community organisations to share knowledge, ideas and expertise around the concept of ‘democratic culture’. You can read more about the Virtual Café here .

CEPRAH and Democracy

CEPRAH is part of the Trinity Long Room Hub’s ongoing work in Arts and Humanities-led democracy research and is framed by the Trinity Long Room Hub’s Policy Initiative.

The results of the CEPRAH project will inform the Schuler Democracy Forum (2021-23), a new initiative by the Trinity Long Room Hub which will explore the diverse connections between the media and our democratic systems. The Forum will be an innovative centre for knowledge exchange, bridging the divides between academia, government, civic society, enterprise and the media.

CEPRAH aligns to the AONTAS Strategic Plan, which stresses the advancement of social inclusion and equality (2019-20). AONTAS is committed to empowering individuals to be part of active, engaged and inclusive communities. AONTAS is currently collaborating on an Erasmus+ KA2 project, FutureLabAE , aimed at promoting democratic education.

CEPRAH in the news
Read about the announcement of the CEPRAH project here.

Contact details

For further information on this project or to share your experiences please contact a member of the team.

Elspeth Payne

Caoimhe Whelan

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