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Trinity's Arts and Humanities Inspiring Generations

2 May 2019 – Trinity's Arts and Humanities celebrated the launch of Trinity's Inspiring Generations campaign with a visual research showcase.

In advance of 'Looking for Europe', a dramatic reading by Bernard-Henri Lévy in the Public Theatre on May 1st, the Trinity Long Room Hub hosted a poster display showcasing some of the diverse research taking place in Trinity's Arts and Humanities.

Research display

Dr Hilary Lennon, Research Fellow in the School of English working on Frank O'Connor's letters and Dr Nicholas Johnson, Theme Convenor of Trinity's Creative Arts Practice Theme.

The Trinity Long Room Hub hosts and supports 50 of Trinity's most accomplished early career researchers and postdoctoral fellows each year. Last night, the next generation of Trinity's thinkers put their research on display posing many questions about today's most pressing topics, from climate change to identity, and literature to Anglo-Irish relations.

Also being showcased were five of Trinity's Arts and Humanities led research themes; Creative Arts Practice; Identities in Transformation; Digital Humanities; Making Ireland; and Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures, which are supported and promoted by the Trinity Long Room Hub.

Research Display

Louise Kari Mereau, PhD candidate in the Department of French speaking with the French Ambassador and Professor Michael Cronin.

Two of the major externally funded research projects led by the Trinity Long Room Hub were on display: the CHCI Global Humanities Institute on the Crises of Democracy and the European Commission funded SHAPE-ID project on shaping interdisciplinary research practices.

The Trinity Centre for Literary Translation and the Trinity Centre for New Irish Studies were also represented highlighting the changing nature of Irish studies in the 21st century, and the extent to which many of our favourite books, films and cultural productions are works of translation from other languages.

Poster Display:

Posters can be viewed here and will also be on display in the Hoey Ideas Space in the Trinity Long Room Hub. To find out more about this poster showcase and the research behind it, click here.

Research Display

Dr Ning Jiang representing the Trinity Centre for Asian Studies (above), and Dr Ellie Payne (below)
Research Assistant, discussing how the British tabloids dealt with 'the Irish question' in the new Free State.

Research Display

As part of the Trinity Long Room Hub Public Humanities Programme, Bernard-Henri Lévy delivered a unique performance for Trinity's Public Theatre, the only English language rendition of his 'Looking for Europe' performance on his 22-city European tour 'Looking for Europe.' Calling out some of Trinity's and Ireland's great cultural figures- Jonathan Swift, Samuel Beckett and James Joyce, Mr Lévy made an impassioned plea for Europe in advance of the European elections later this month, in May 2019.
























Inspiring Generations – The Campaign for Trinity College Dublin, is the largest and most ambitious philanthropic campaign in Irish history. Information about the priority projects for the campaign, and how to support Trinity's ambitious plans, will be detailed in the official launch of the campaign on May 2nd, in the Public Theatre.


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