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Welcome to the webpages of the Trinity Long Room Hub, the Arts and Humanities Research Institute of Trinity College Dublin. It is one of five flagship research institutes of the University, and the one dedicated to promoting and facilitating innovative research across its nine Arts and Humanities member Schools.

We offer to the researchers in our member schools a supportive research environment that harnesses and expands the excellence of Trinity’s Arts and Humanities research. In particular, we champion the development of a small number of overarching priority research themes and seek to pioneer cross-disciplinary collaborative projects within the university and with national and international partners. To strengthen our international networks and to bring our researchers into intensive dialogue with the best of their respective fields, we run a Visiting Research Fellows programme.

Jane Ohlmeyer

Since 2010, the institute’s home is a signature building at the heart of the historic campus. Its prominent location aptly signifies the centrality of the Arts and Humanities for our university and for society, and makes it an ideal place for connecting academic research with a wider public.  It is one of our prime aims to make the most of this location and serve as a focal point for debates on the challenges facing the world today and the contributions the Arts & Humanities make to addressing them. We run a dense and diverse programme of academic events, public lectures, seminars and conferences, aimed at increasing the visibility and the impact of our research. 

The Trinity Long Room Hub takes its name from the Library’s iconic ‘Long Room’ to mark its strong links with the Library and to express the vital importance of its unique collections for the activities of our scholarly community. We host major, EU funded Digital Humanities research projects, which use the most advanced digital technologies for the democratization of knowledge and also explore new research questions, approaches and methodologies enabled by technological change.

We humans are fundamentally meaning seeking creatures, and we need the reflection of our questions and aspirations in critical reasoning and open debate, and the refraction of our highest hopes and deepest fears in arts and culture. We need this as much as we need food on the table and the air that we breathe. Try to imagine, for a moment, a world without music, visual art, drama, literature or film, or a world in which we could not make links with the past of our people and position ourselves in relation to tradition, in which we could not connect with other cultures via our common reservoir of artistic, cultural or philosophical expressions of a shared humanity. It is clear that this would not be a world worth living in and, quite simply, not a world inhabited by humans. As a research institute, the Trinity Long Room Hub serves as a beacon for the Arts & Humanities and their role in society.  

Please have a look around these pages which describe the work of the Institute in more detail. I hope that we can welcome you soon to one of our events and to our scholarly community. If you have any questions or suggestions how we could improve what we do, please get in touch. We like hearing from you.

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Professor Jane Ohlmeyer, Director

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