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TECH2STUDENTS - Fight social and educational exclusion by powering on students


Fight social and educational exclusion by powering on students

The fast spread of COVID-19 has resulted in the closures of schools and the opening of virtual classrooms.
However, thousands of students don’t have access to a laptop at home. Help us open the doors to virtual classrooms by donating your disused laptops to vulnerable students who need them.

Tech2Students continues to bridge the digital divide for students.

Tech2Students was born from a need created by the COVID crisis and the rapid move by schools from face-to-face to online teaching. This left many students on the wrong side of the digital divide with large numbers of students lacking suitable devices to engage with schooling - it is hard to study for your exams using only a mobile phone!

Over the past 5 weeks individuals and companies have come together and donated generously to help support the educational journey of Irish students by either donating devices, which we refurbished, or making cash gifts, which allowed us to purchase refurbished devices, and we are on target to reach our goal of providing 1,000 devices in May 2020. As one donor, David Mofitt, put it "It's really wonderful to see different parts of Irish society pulling together for such a worthy cause".

We see the challenge as being much wider than the current Leaving Cert cohort. The digital divide looms large in the period ahead and we are working closely with schools so that devices get to the students who most need them. Devices are provided on loan to students. We are committed to providing as many devices as we can to support students in need and to help bridge the digital divide now and in the coming year.

100% of funding donated to the campaign is being used to buy refurbished devices.

For any queries please contact us at

How Does It work?

Volunteers from our partner, ESB will collect the laptop from your door adhering to government-approved social distancing protocols. Camara Ireland and TCD volunteer engineers will restore the laptop to factory settings, securely wipe all data from the hard drive. A fresh operating system will be installed and ESB will then deliver the refurbished laptops directly to students allowing them to power on with their studies.

Who is getting the laptops?

Leaving Cert students are our priority. We have connected with 19 DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) schools in Dublin to launch this campaign. Our overall goal is to get Tech2Students operational across Ireland to assist all those Leaving Cert , and other, DEIS students who urgently need technology at this crucial time in their education.


There are over 180,000 students attending DEIS schools in Ireland. DEIS schools attract additional state supports because of established characteristics indicating social and educational disadvantage. 86% of households in Ireland have internet access, but just 56% of 16-29 year old’s have accessed the internet through a laptop in their homes. Progression rates to further and higher education for students in DEIS schools are traditionally significantly lower than non-DEIS. For example students from the most affluent parts of Dublin are up to 14 times more likely to progress to university than their counterparts from some schools in the city’s most disadvantaged areas
Tech2Students Brief (PDF 334KB)


My laptop is really old. Can I still donate it?

We are looking for old devices but they do need to be usable. For this reason we are accepting devices which were manufactured from 2015 onwards.

My laptop isn’t working / can’t connect to the internet / is missing it’s charger: Can I still donate it?

The device should be functioning as we do not have the capacity to do any hardware repairs. You can see the specification of devices we can refurbish in the Recommended Specs pdf (PDF 346KB).

I have personal / private documents / photos etc I want to keep from the laptop?

You should back up all files which you want to keep on a USB, external hard drive or to cloud storage (Google Drive, ICLOUD, Microsoft One Drive). This way you can keep your personal documents and photos and still donate your laptop. Note the disk on your device will be completely erased (reformatted in fact) before it is passed on, so all your files and information will no longer be available on the device.

Will I get my laptop back after schools reopen?

No, we are looking for people to generously donate their disused laptops to our cause. Laptops will not be returned but will have a very grateful new owner.

I am worried about my private information.

The disk on your device will be completely erased (reformatted in fact) before it is passed on, so all your files and information will no longer be available on the device. If you wish you can pre-wipe your laptop at home (see link). Either way it will still go through the secure process at the repurposing centre.

I am cocooning/self-isolating can I still donate?

Yes! We adhere to the latest government regulations for social distancing. ESB technicians will wear protective gloves, ring your doorbell, step at least 2 meters back and allow you to leave the device on your doorstep. Remember to check for ID. When you re-enter your home and close the door they will then pick up the laptop and take it with them.

I don’t have a spare laptop but I’d like to donate money, is that possible?

Yes! we have added a “donate now” button to our website. All donations, large and small, are welcome and 100% of your donation will go towards purchasing or repurposing laptops for students.

How do I prepare my laptop for collection?

We ask that you ensure your laptop is turned off and is placed with its correct cables. No need to wrap it up, we will package your laptop and safely transport your laptops to our engineers for processing.

Our Partners

A Special Thanks

A special thank you to those who have donated laptops, given financial support and raised awareness to help us bridge the digital divide. By donating you make a difference to each student’s life and future. Thank You.

College Awareness Week (CAW)
Cliona and Eoin Murphy
Joe Morris
Stella Clough
Stephen McIntyre
David Moffit
Ken Lynch
Pat Bolger
Kevin Desmond
Caitriona Ormonde
Eileen Gallagher
Brenda O Hanlon
Yvonne Cohen
Deirdre Farrell
Jenny Foley
Audrey Thornton
Tim Balfour
Sarah Tallon
John Leonard
Sean O Meara
Gunduz Topal
Mark Hanratty
Anne Keeley
Sinéad Murray
Patrick Kane
Ann Cuffe Fitzgerald
Caroline Sheehan
Ben Archibald
Teresa Scally
Rosheen McGuckian
Paul O Dwyer
Sinead Begley
Karine Fraenkl
Mal Best
Liz O Sullivan
Mason Alexander
Serina Fogarty
Aideen Williamson
Ruth Guerin
Karen Richardson
Anthony Cunningham
Ingrid Murray
Denise Tully
Keith Gambrill
Alan Quigley
Des Fitzgerald
Cian Connaughton
Chrysty Chan
Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
Julie Connelly
Julian Kulkarni
Jackie Gilroy
Katharine Duff
Aoife O Donnell
Jacqui Dalton
Caroline Dwyer