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Current Students

TAP offers a range of supports for foundation course and HEAR students in Trinity. In addition, you can access all the other student support services that Trinity College provides.


Academic Supports

Extra Tuition

Students sometimes face challenges with the academic demands of third-level. TAP can offer some support in the area of extra tuition. For more information, contact your TAP advisor or

The Laptop Library

You can borrow a laptop for up to three days at no charge. For more information, contact Elaine Reynolds ( or 01 896 3598). You can collect the laptop from the main TAP office Monday to Thursday from 9am – 1pm and 2pm –3pm. (The office is closed 1pm – 2pm).

The Studio

This is a learning centre for foundation course and HEAR students. It is located in Goldsmith Hall and has access to networked computers and printers. The Studio is a good place to work either on your own or with a group. It is open from 8am – 10pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 12 noon on Saturdays during term time. Outside of term time the Studio is open from 8am – 6pm.

The Writing Resource Centre

You can get advice on researching, drafting and developing your college assignments and laboratory reports at the Writing Resource Centre. For more information please contact the main TAP office.

The Maths Help Room

If you need help with maths, you can go to the Maths Help Room for friendly, informal help from Trinity students. The Maths Help Room is located in The Maths Seminar Room, 2nd Floor, 18 Westland Row and is open on Monday - Friday, from 1-2pm.

Financial Supports

TAP gratefully acknowledges the invaluable financial support received for this initiative from the European Social Fund and a range of individual and corporate donors.

There are three separate types of financial assistance which TAP students may be eligible for:

  1. TAP Student Assistance Fund (ESF/SAF)
  2. TAP Student Scholarship Fund - for incoming Junior Fresh students only
  3. 1916 Bursary - Only incoming Junior Fresh students will be eligible in 20/21.

TAP students are those students who are currently enrolled in undergraduate courses and who have entered Trinity College through one of the following alternative admissions routes:

  • Foundation Course for Higher Education (Young Adults and Mature Students)
  • University Access Course in Liberal Arts CDETB and TAP – Pearse, Plunket, Liberties and Rathmines Colleges of Further Education
  • Higher Education Access Route (HEAR)

TAP Student Assistance Fund (ESF/SAF)    

The Student Assistance Fund is managed by the Higher Education Authority on behalf of the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science.

The following are examples of situations for which students can apply for assistance:

Books/ Class Materials Medical Expenses Rent
Heating/ Lighting Bills Family breakdown Food
Essential Travel Bereavement Childcare costs

The following services are NOT eligible for assistance from this fund:

Tuition Fees Registration Fees Loans

For further information on SAF please consult the SAF Guidelines for TAP Students and the HEA- Money Worries and Education Flyer.

The Application Deadline Is 23rd October 2020.

If you have any questions about Student Assistance fund or would like the application link please contact Annemarie Lambe at / 01 896 2751, your TAP Advisor or Kathleen O’Toole-Brennan at / 01 896 3590.

TAP Student Scholarship Fund

The Trinity Access Programmes (TAP) receives valuable financial support from a range of private and corporate supporters of Trinity College. This funding enables us to provide a number of corporate scholarships for TAP students who meet specific criteria as detailed in the scholarship guidelines. Scholarships amount to approximately 1,000 euro per annum, subject to the terms and conditions listed below.  Deadline is 09th October 2020. For more information please contact the main TAP office. Click here to apply.

Students who are successful in their scholarship application will be required to commit to the following:

  1. Providing an annual 300 word essay/ personal statement which outlines their course of study, extra-curricular activities, and the impact which the scholarship is making.
  2. Students who discontinue their course of study are obliged to notify the scholarship co-ordinator immediately.
  3. Students may be required to attend brief meetings with the corporate and private donors, to discuss their experience on the course and the impact of the scholarship.
  4. The scholarship award will be reviewed annually. Payment of the scholarship is contingent on the student fulfilling the above requirements and is also subject to the funding being made available from the donors.

A brief description of the scholarships available from alumni, private donors and corporate funds is available upon request. Further information on financial support available to those attending higher education is available on

1916 Bursary

1916 ‘Leaders and Learners’ Bursary 2020 – 2021

Funded by the Department of Education and Skills for eligible students in the following Higher Education Institutions – Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire (IADT); National College of Art and Design (NCAD); Marino Institute of Education (MIE); Trinity College Dublin (TCD); and University College Dublin (UCD).

The bursary aims to provide support for economically disadvantaged students from groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

Eligibility criteria

Eligible students must show socio-economically disadvantaged by demonstrating that one of the following applies:

1. They would be eligible for Special Rate level of SUSI grant (€24,000)
                and / or
2. They would be in receipt of a Means tested payment from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social protection.

And must be from at least one of the following groups:

  • Socio-economic groups that have low participation in higher education (Students would demonstrate this by either of the income options above)
  • First Time Mature Students
  • Students with a disability, particularly students with a physical/mobility impairment or students with a sensory disability, students who are deaf/hard of hearing and blind/visually impaired students. (applicants must provide documentation to evidence disability and/or agree to register with the TCD disability service when entering college if applying under this category)
  • Irish Travellers
  • Entering on the basis of a further education award
  • Lone parents with a DSP means tested Social Welfare payment
  • Ethnic minorities (including programme refugees and persons from other ethnic minority groups lawfully present in the State who meet the definition of student in section 14 of the Student Support Act 2011 and regulation 5 of the Student Support Regulations 2017. S.I. No. 126 of 2017).

In 2020–2021, 40 bursaries of €5,000 per annum for the duration of a student’s undergraduate degree are available across the cluster. (8 per institution). Only incoming Junior Fresh will be eligible in 20/21. 

Apply here.

All applications must be completed online. Applications must be received no later than Friday 31st July 2020 by 5pm for mature candidates and Tuesday 06th October 2020 at 5 pm for all other JF applicants. Please send all supporting documentation to Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

For further information please consult the FAQs and the Scholarship Terms and Conditions.

Trinity Laptop Loan Scheme

Trinity Laptop Loan Scheme

Trinity College have received over 700 laptops to support students from under represted groups in their studies.

Please apply if you are student who is:

  • Students disadvantaged by socio-economic barriers
  • First-time mature students
  • Students with disabilities
  • Part-time/flexible learning students
  • Students who hold further education qualifications
  • Students who are members of the Traveller and Roma communities, or members of ethnic minorities
  • Students who are lone Parents

How will my application be assessed

Eligibility will be on a need basis, prioritised as appropriate by Trinity. Students will need to demonstrate a need for such a device e.g. they or their family do not have the means to purchase such a device themselves. Devices will not be allocated to persons who are not registered students of Trinity College. 

Erasmus, study abroad and non-Eu fee paying students are not eligible to apply.


Will supporting documentation be required?

Yes, Trinity College needs to satisfy themselves that students have demonstrated a verifiable need for a device. Students will need to demonstrate that they are from one of the National Access Plan target groups. Supporting documentation related to SUSI Special Grant Rate, Back to Education, or a relevant Social Welfare payment may also be required.

Who owns the devices?

Devices remain the property of Trinity College. Students will be asked to sign a loan agreement with the college.

What is the spec of the device?

  • Inteli5-10210U processor,
  • 8GB RAM,
  • 256 GB SSD,
  • 1366x768 screen resolution,
  • 5 Years Next Business Day Support, 
  • Windows 10 Home

How can I apply?

  • Mature students or students who have entered via HEAR can apply through the link hosted by Trinity Access or for more information email
  • Students who have entered Trinity through DARE, can apply through the Disability Service at
  • All other undergraduate students can submit an application through the Senior Tutors Office at
  • All Postgraduates can submit there application via

Apply here

All applications must be completed online. Applications must be received no later than Friday 9th October 2020 by 5pm. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

The outcome of application and the distribution of laptops will take place by the end of October.



TAP Advisors

WIn addition to college supports, each HEAR and Foundation Course students has a ‘TAP Advisor’. Your advisor will meet with you and offer advice, guidance and support. If you get financial support from TAP, your advisor will assist you with the forms you need to fill in. Your advisor may also refer you to other college services.

Hear are the office hours and contact information for TAP advisors:

Name Office hours (Goldsmith Hall unless otherwise stated) Contact
Ciaran Bauer Wednesday 2pm-4pm (Oriel House) / 01 896 3812

Sarah Grimson Monday 2pm-4pm / 01 896 3472
Lisa Keane

Tuesday 2pm-3pm, Friday 12pm-1pm / 01 896 3696
Emilie Keegan Monday 3pm-5pm / 01 896 1397
Philip Byrne Wednesday 2pm-4pm (Oriel House) / 01 896 3812
Grainne McInerney Monday 3pm -5pm / 01 896 3346
Diane McSweeney Wednesday 2pm-5pm / 01 896 1397
Kathleen O'Toole Tuesday 11am-1pm / 01 896 3590
David Reilly Monday 3pm-5pm / 01 896 1397
Ronan Smith Tuesday 11am-1pm / 01 896 1397
Aibhin Bray Wednesday 2pm-4pm (Lloyd Institute) / 01 896 3812
Grace Lawlor Monday 10am-12pm (Oriel House) / 087 796 2552
Jane O'Hara Tuesday 2pm-4pm (Oriel House) / 01 896 4099
Kevin Sullivan By Arrangement via email (Oriel House) / 085 631 6043

TAP Text Alerts

We sometimes invite TAP students to social, cultural and sporting activities during their time in Trinity. The easiest way for us to keep in touch with you is through text message alerts. If your number changes, please tell Elaine Reynolds ( or 01 896 3598).

Asylum Seeker Access Provision (ASAP) Scholarship

Trinity College Dublin is offering four Asylum Seeker Access Provision (ASAP) scholarships for students in direct provision who have studied in the Irish second-level school system, have or intend to have taken the Leaving Certificate or further education qualifications and are offered a place in Trinity through the CAO in 2020. For full details, click here.

TAP Ambassadors and Volunteering Opportunities

If you want to give back, get more involved in TAP or address education inequality during your time in college fill in this short form to become a TAP Ambassador. Deadline to sign up as a TAP Ambassador for 2018/19 is Thursday, 13th September 2018, but don't wait just do it now!

The TAP ambassadors programme recruits, trains and rewards students for giving time to help run over 20 different TAP activities each year. Below is some frequently asked questions you might have about the ambassador programmes, for any other questions feel free to contact Diane McSweeney ( Here's the link once again to comeplete to become a TAP Ambassador.

If you are interested in volunteering with Bridge21 programme please contact Kevin Sullivan (

Is being a TAP Ambassador paid work? 
Although we would like to, we can't pay our ambassadors for all they do throughout the year. However whenever we can often pay ambassadors for programmes such as Summer School and Pre-Uni. These paid opportunities will be allocated to the ambassadors who have helped us the most throughout the year.

If I don't get paid, what do I get?
Eh a warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy... what else do you want?! But really for those that get involved we'll be able to provide you with a glowing reference, opportunities to meet like-minded people, be part of a team actively tackling inequality in a hands-on way and improve your public speaking and communication studies. TAP will also be working this year to provide career and networking opportunities for our ambassadors. You will also get gratitude from the schools and students we work with. Although we joked about the warm fuzzy feeling it is a genuine experience most if not all our ambassadors get and the real reason to get involved! 

How much time is required to be a TAP Ambassador?
It honestly shouldn't take too much time! We know how hard you worked to get to Trinity and we don't want to negatively influence that. We're looking for at least a commitment of 3 campus tours (which take about an hour and will run over the Reading Weeks) or taking part in a full day event - such as mentoring but you can of course get more involved than this. Many ambassadors find that working with us and our students further their drive as they study. 

I'm a bit worried I won't be good at it... should I still apply? 
We got you boo! You should definitely still apply, it's a learning-curve for all! We'll provide general training and then specific training for any big programmes such as Pre-Uni. For most of the programmes and activities a TAP staff member will be there and if that's not the case we'll pair you with a more experienced TAP ambassador. 

What schools do you work with? 
You can check them all out here:

The secondary school I went to isn't one of the schools you work with, why?

Don't get it twisted, we have plans of world domination but we're just not there yet. We simply can't work with every school. What we will say is that all our linked schools could have the same needs that your school did. Once you're all trained up and ready to go, there's no reason why you couldn't reach out to your old school and go back with the info! P.S. it's also cool if you never plan on going back to your secondary school ever again. We never went back to ours and we turned out fine. kinda.