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Educational Achievement Awards

The Educational Achievement Awards recognise academic excellence, leadership and mentoring work in our school partners. All of the students nominated for these awards will have shown outstanding commitment and diligence and will have contributed positively to their school community. The Educational Achievement Awards are as follows: Salters Sterling Leadership Award: Students selected for the Salters Sterling Gold Medal Award have often put others before themselves; they have shown a great sense of civic-mindedness and purposefulness in their classrooms, schools, and communities. These students stand out as the leaders of tomorrow, as they have chosen to take action in the present and to make their schools and communities better places. Please note there should be at least two Salters Sterling Leadership awards per school. Mentoring Award: Students that have demonstrated the spirit of mentoring to their fellow students and classmates. Through their demonstrations of friendliness, assistance, and compassion, this award is presented to students who have made their school a more welcoming environment for others. This year, the Mentoring Award also encompasses a Solidarity & School Spirit element to allow nominating teachers to recognise student achievement in the pandemic context during which traditional mentoring may have been compromised. Please note there should be at least two Mentoring (Solidarity & School Spirit) awards per school. Academic Award: Students that have excelled academically or shown academic diligence in a particular subject or area. Again, this year, the Academic Award has been augmented to include an Engagement & Resilience element to better reflect student experience and growth during lockdown experiences. Please note there should be at least three Academic (Engagement & Resilience) awards per school. Prizes: All award winners will receive a silver medal engraved with the Trinity logo and a certificate. The Salters Sterling award winners will receive an inscribed gold medal engraved with the Trinity logo and a certificate.


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