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Dr. Matthew Mc Govern
Research Fellow, Paediatrics

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Matthew McGovern, Jan Miletin, Cardiac Output Monitoring in Preterm Infants, Frontiers in Pediatrics, (8), 2018, p64- Journal Article, 2018

O'Driscoll DN, McGovern M, Greene CM, Molloy EJ, Gender Disparities in Preterm Neonatal Outcomes., Acta Paediatrica, (May), 2018, pePub ahead- Journal Article, 2018

McGovern M, Miletin J, A review of superior vena cava flow measurement in the neonate by functional echocardiography, Acta Paediatrica, 106, (1), 2017, p22-29 Journal Article, 2017

McGovern M, Flanagan O, Lynch B, Lynch SA, Allen NM, Novel COL4A2 Variant in a Large Pedigree: Consequences and Dilemmas., Clinical Genetics, 92, (4), 2017, p447-448 Journal Article, 2017

McGovern M, Reyani Z, O'Connor P, White M, Miletin J, Thyroid function testing in neonates born to women with hypothyroidism, European Journal of Paediatrics, 175, (12), 2016, p2015-2018 Journal Article, 2016

Irfan M, McGovern M, Robertson I, Waldron R, Khan I, Khan W, Barry K, Operative surgical yield from general surgical outpatient clinics; time to change the way we practice? , Irish Menical Journal, 106, (7), 2013, p209-11 Journal Article, 2013

McGovern M, Mulligan S, Carney O, Wall D, Moylett E, Ultrasound investigation of sacral dimples and other stigmata of spinal dysraphism, Archives of Disease in Childhood, 98, (10), 2013, p784-6 Journal Article, 2013

McGovern M, Kernan R, O'Neill MB, Parental Decisions regarding pre-hospital therapy and costing of the Emergency Department Visit, Irish Menical Journal, 110, (2), p513 Journal Article,


Awards and Honours

Master's Medal for Research and Audit 2015, Coombe Women and Infants Hospital, Dublin 2015

UREKA summer research scholarship 2009, NUI Galway 2009

University Scholarship NUIG 2007/2008 2007-2008


MRCPI: Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 2014 – present