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Careers and Employability

There can be many disappointments as well as triumphs on the road to developing a successful career – competing effectively for jobs or postgraduate programmes, knowing the right type of job or sector for you or having the confidence to approach potential employers or course directors/research supervisors.  In fact, it is usual these days to talk less about a career and more about being employable. 

At its most basic level, employability is about being able to get a job, keep a job and move successfully to another job.  It is relevant for students not only at the point of graduation but throughout their time in higher education and for alumni, throughout their lives.  When we think about employability we are not just focusing on a person’s likelihood of obtaining a graduate role but rather on increasing skills and instilling attitudes and aptitudes that will enable them to better navigate their career successfully.

No single intervention can be depended on to successfully promote employability but below are just some of the different strategies which the College uses to address this important issue.