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Current Projects

Innovation in Healthcare Delivery

Title: Erasmus Junior Leadership Academy-evaluation of leadership development

Funder: Erasmus K2: Strategic Partnership  €270 503,00

Principle investigator:  Anne-Marie Brady & Denise Lawlor

The EJLA aims to identify potential nursing/midwifery leaders early in their career journey and develop their leadership knowledge, attitudes and skills. Through teaching, activities and mentoring, the EJLA aims to increase students’ capacity and capability to lead early in their career journey and enhance their employability by maximising the early impact they have in the organisations they are employed in. the EU partner draws educators in nursing and midwifery from Trinity College Dublin, Escola superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa (ESEL) Portugal , University of Marfor and University of Nottingham who have devised an international exchange student and academic exchange programme.

The 12-month programme includes:

• A 5 day residential leadership retreat in the University of Nottingham, England

• Allocation of a senior nurse/midwifery leader as a mentor

• Participation in peer to peer regional leadership networks with tasks/activities to be completed between the residential retreats

• A policy/leadership internship: 14 days, between summer 2017 and summer 2018 in either Ireland, England, Slovenia or Portugal (not your own country).

• A 5-day residential leadership retreat: in the University of Maribor, Slovenia

Title: HSE & Genio Dementia –Community Care (2014-2016)
Innovative care models to enable people with dementia to remain at home
Funder: HSE & Genio
Principle investigator:  Anne-Marie Brady  (2014-2018)

Title: HSE & Genio Dementia –Integrated Dementia Care
Evaluation of Innovative models to enable integration of dementia care in acute care services across three hospital sites 
Funder: HSE & Genio
Principle investigator:  Anne-Marie Brady

Title: Supports for out of hours clinical decision making (2014-2017)
Multi method analysis of the complex microsystems that underpin clinical decision out of hours in acute care services
Funder Meath QI fund
Principle investigator:  Anne-Marie Brady

Title: NMBI Competency Framework & Framework for Policy Analysis
Interuniversity collaboration (TCD UCD UL UCC) research project designed to enable development of a Competency Framework & Framework for Analysis of Code of Professional Conduct and review of undergraduate programmes
Funder: NMBI
TCD Lead:  Anne-Marie Brady

Innovation in Technology

Title: ProACT (TCPHI Coordinating partner)  
Duration: 2016-2019
Description: €4.87 million Horizon 2020 project to develop a proactive integrated care technology ecosystem to support multimorbidity disease management (including detection of early onset cognitive decline/dementia) in an ageing population. Involves 12 partners across 6 EU member states. Trial sites in Ireland, Belgium and Italy. Please see for further details
Funder: European Commission – H2020
Principle Investigator or TCD Lead: Dr. John Dinsmore (Project Coordinator)
Twitter: @proact2020
Launch Video:

Title: Global access to essential Assistive Technologies for people with Intellectual Disabilities (GATE-ID)
Duration: 2016-2019
Description: A recently initiated programme of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is the Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE). GATE’s objective is to improve access to assistive technology (AT) for disabled people globally. Their 2016 target is to develop a white paper identifying the 50 most essential AT products. The objective of this study is to better understand facilitators and barriers for people with ID to effectively access these 50 essential AT products. Working in conjunction with the WHO’s GATE initiative, the project will have the potential to improve the lives of millions of people with ID including those in Ireland.
Funder: European Commission – Marie Curie FP7 ASSISTID Programme
Principle Investigator or TCD Lead: Dr. Fleur Boot (Supervisors Dr. John Dinsmore (TCPHI) and Prof. Mac Lachlan, Trinity Centre for Global Health

Title: WayFinding  
Duration: 2016-2017
Description:  Project piloting a smart watch navigation application for people with intellectual disability/mild cognitive impairment.
Funder: Trinity College Dublin – Dean’s Innovation Award
Principle Investigator or TCD Lead: Dr. John Dinsmore

Title: Developing Arthritis Ireland’s Easy to Use Scheme from pilot project to established trademark scheme.
Duration: 2016-2017
Description: Easy to Use is a pilot tool to support and encourage products to market that are accessible to people with Arthritis carried out by inclusive design experts and people with arthritis. We (Arthritis Ireland and TCD) aim to develop and expand Easy to Use from its pilot phase towards a fully operational trademark scheme.  This IRC New Foundations grant will support short-term collaboration, partner building and project development activities towards creating a sustainable trademark scheme.
Funder: Irish Research Council
Principle Investigator or TCD Lead: Dr. Emma Murphy

Current Projects TCPHI – Advisors on

Title: Brainwave
Duration: 2014-2017
Description: Research to develop training materials and mobile application to support individuals with epilepsy in the work environment.
Funder: Health Research Board - Ireland
Principle Investigator or TCD Lead: Prof. Naomi Elliot
TCPHI Advisor: Dr. John Dinsmore

Cross Hospital Collaboration

Title: Observation of mealtime assistance at breakfast: a cross hospital project
Nutrition/Hydration Cross Hospital Project encompassing Naas General Hospital, St. James Hospital and Tallaght Hospital
Description: This project will evaluate the practice of mealtime assistance at breakfast in a sample of patients across three ward types in three acute hospitals and if appropriate, identify possible quality improvement initiatives.
Collaborators:Nora O’Mahony, Julie O’Grady, Shauna Ennis, Patricia Cronin, Louise Daly, Margaret McCann, James Mulkerrins, Eimear Digan, Amanda Roberts, Geraldine Prizeman, Mary Quirke.
Funder: Naas Hospital, St. James’s Hospital, Tallaght Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

St James's Hospital

Title: An exploration of nurses’ knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices associated with urinary incontinence among older people
Description:  A mixed-methods study to explore the current knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and practices associated with the management of urinary incontinence in a care of the elderly setting.
Collaborators:Josephine Donlon, Claire O’ Carroll, Anna Ayton, Mary Bell, Cora O’Connor, Geraldine Prizeman
Funder: St. James’s Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Title: Survey of bereaved relatives-VOICES MaJam Project
Description: A quantitative descriptive post-bereavement study that gathered data retrospectively, from bereaved relatives, using a postal survey.
Collaborators:Bettina Korn, Diarmuid Ó Coimín, Margaret Codd, Mairead Curran, Sarah Donnelly, Geralyn Hynes, Geraldine Prizeman
Funder: St. James’s Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Title: Failure to Fail - An exploration of staff nurses’ views of competence assessment of undergraduate nursing students: Cross hospital project
Description: A descriptive quantitative study to explore the extent of failing to fail nursing students in the Irish context.
Collaborators:Orla Nugent, Siobhan Part, Helen Fenn, Lisa Keane, Fiona Timmins, Caitriona Dennehy, Christina Lydon (Tallaght), Geraldine Prizeman
Funder: St. James’s Hospital, Tallaght Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Title: Post Outpatient Ambulatory Care Varicose Veins Surgery Survey
Description: A postal survey to evaluate the care received by patients who had varicose vein surgery as an outpatient in the Veins unit of St. James’s Hospital.   
Collaborators:Bernie Hannon, Sharon O’Donnell, Geraldine Prizeman
Funder: St. James’s Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Title: Cancer nursing research writing group – systematic literature reviews
Description: Joanna Briggs Institute systematic reviews investigating the development of peripheral neuropathy in cancer patients.
Collaborators:Catherine O’Brien and team of surgical and medical cancer nurses, Geralyn Hynes, Michael Coughlan, Geraldine Prizeman
Funder: St. James’s Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Title: Piloting the ‘MiKidney’ Smartphone App
Description: A pre-post study exploring the impact of a Smart Phone Application called MiKidney that was developed by the Renal Department to assist patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) to self-manage their disease. 
Collaborators:Nuala Doyle, Mairead Murphy, Laura Brennan, Alice Waugh, Prof. George Mellotte, Margaret McCann, Geraldine Prizeman
Funder: St. James’s Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Tallaght Hospital

Title: Out of Hours Clinical Decision Making Support in Tallaght Hospital – Baseline study
Description: A mixed methods scoping review of organisational supports for clinical decision-making out-of-hours (OOH) in the medical and surgical care settings within Tallaght Hospital.
Collaborators:Meabh Prendergast, Shauna Ennis, Anne Maire Brady, Gobnait Byrne, Mary Quirke
Funders: Meath Foundation

Title: An examination of patients who trigger of Emergency Response Team calls: A hospital case-study
Description: A comparative study examining the profile and care pathway of patients who trigger a single ERT call during an admission vs patients who trigger more than one call
Collaborators:Shauna Ennis, Anne Marie Barnes, Patricia Morrison, Siobhan Connors, Mary Quirke, Gobnait Byrne
Funders: Tallaght Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Title: Evaluating the implementation of the Early Warning Score system in an Emergency Department of an Acute Hospital in Ireland
Description: A mixed methods investigation of the implementation of the early warning score system in an Irish ED setting
Collaborators:Margaurita O’Brien, Catherine McCabe, Mary Quirke
Funders: Tallaght Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Title: The effectiveness of an 8-week cardiac rehabilitation programme in improving quality of life in patients following a cardiac diagnosis
Description: A pre-post examination of the impact of attendance on an 8-week cardiac rehabilitation programme on health outcomes of patients with a cardiac diagnosis
Collaborators:Noeleen Fallon, Caroline Finn, Rose O’Mahoney, Gabrielle McKee, Mary Quirke
Funders: Tallaght Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Title: Evaluation of the efficacy and tolerability of Levetiracetam as a first line treatment for epilepsy in a national paediatric population (Keppra National Study)
Description: A retrospective cross-hospital assessment of the efficacy as well as the tolerability of Levetiracetam on a paediatric population.
Collaborators:Ann Connolly, Mary Quirke, David Webb, Grainne Griffin, Suzanne Crowley, Noreen Teehan, Eadaoin Hayes
Funders: Tallaght Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Title: The effectiveness of interventions to improve multidisciplinary ward rounds in acute hospital settings: A JBI systematic Review
Description: A Joanna Briggs Institute systematic review examining the effectiveness of various hospital-based interventions on the quality of multidisciplinary ward rounds
Collaborators:Anne Smyth, Anne Marie Brady, Louise Daly, Mary Quirke
Funders: Tallaght Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Title: An evaluation of the impact of a nurse-led rapid access seizure clinic on healthcare utilization and health outcomes of patients with an established diagnosis of epilepsy
Description: A pre-post evaluation of the impact of a rapid access epilepsy clinic on patient health outcomes and care pathways
Collaborators: Denise Cunningham, Naomi Elliott, Mary Quirke
Funders: Tallaght Hospital, Trinity College Dublin

Title: Medication management in children’s nursing: a review of audit scores over a five year period in one children’s services centre
Description: A five-year review of the medication management component of the NIQAc audit tool in an acute paediatric hospital
Collaborators: Thelma Begley, Caitriona Dennehy, Mary Quirke, Carmel Doyle, Eleanor Hollywood, Marianne Murphy, Fiona Lawlor
Funders: Adelaide Foundation

Naas Hospital

Title: Review of 30-day all-cause unplanned readmissions following an initial unplanned admission for treatment of a COPD exacerbation
Description: Using the consultation process known as eDelphi process, we are seeking to engage with known experts from the respiratory field in the development of a questionnaire. The questionnaire will then be used to collect data from patient records in Naas General Hospital with a view to establishing avoidable factors that may have contributed to readmission for COPD patients.
Collaborators: Fiona Kavanagh, Catherine Callan, Geralyn Hynes, Amanda Roberts
Funders: Naas General Hospital

Title: An evaluation of the impact on services and perception of colleagues on the introduction of Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) in the Emergency Department.
Description: This study will evaluate the impact of the emergency department advanced nurse practitioner on emergency department patient experience times (PET). A survey will be administered to all clinical emergency department staff in the hospital to obtain their views on the introduction of the ANP in the emergency department and will seek nurses’ attitudes to succession planning.
Collaborators: Eimear Lavelle, Caroline O’Neill, Catherine McCabe, Amanda Roberts
Funders: Naas General Hospital

Title: The development of the role of the Stroke ANP (Title to be confirmed)
Description: A discussion paper on the development of the role of the advanced nurse practitioner in Naas General Hospital. The ANP is one of only two ANP’s in stroke in Ireland.
Collaborators: Trish Daly, Sharon O’Donnell, Amanda Roberts
Funders: Naas General Hospital

Title: A review of patients experiences of the advanced nurse practitioner-led (ANP) chest pain clinics in Naas General Hospital and Tallaght Hospital. A Cross Hospital Project encompassing Naas General Hospital and Tallaght Hospital
Description: The primary aim of this study is to describe the patient experience of all aspects of the ANP-led chest pain clinic care pathway from review at the Naas General Hospital ANP-led chest pain service to follow-up at the Tallaght Hospital ANP-led chest pain service. The study aims to identify patient satisfaction levels with each aspect of the care pathway, a description of the profile of patients attending the service, establish if patient satisfaction with services is dependent on patient profile and identification of waiting times for each ANP-led clinic.
Collaborators: Jackie O’Toole, Shirley Ingram, Niamh Kelly, Frances O’Brien, Gabrielle McKee, Amanda Roberts, Mary Quirke
Funders: Naas General Hospital

HSE Mental Health Services

Title:  Development of PAL: A Physical Achievement Log for individuals with long-term mental health needs
Description: A descriptive study looking at the development of a health passport for people with severe and/or enduring mental health issues.
Collaborators: Sinead Hennessy, Michael Nash, Grainne Donohue
Funder: HSE Mental Health Services