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Completed Projects

Innovation in Healthcare Delivery

Title: Evaluation of Asthma Education Project (targeting disadvantaged groups)  (2014-15)
Description: Innovative health education strategy to outreach specialist asthma knowledge to hard to reach groups
Funder Asthma Society of Ireland
Principle Investigator:  Anne-Marie Brady

Title: Evaluation of Scope Practice Framework
Description: Interuniversity collaboration to develop Scope of Practice Framework for Nursing and Midwifery
Funder: NMBI
TCD lead:  Anne-Marie Brady

Innovation in Technology

Duration: 2013-2016
Description: €2.3 million EU AAL Funded programme to develop an AAL remote monitoring system to support informal caregivers caring for ageing relatives living independently at home. Please see: Study Title: Platform (including cameras, sensors and mobile application) for Self-Assessment and Efficient Management for Informal Caregivers. Study Lead: TSB (Spain)
Funder: EU AAL CMU Programme – CALL 5
Principle Investigator or TCD Lead: Prof. Catherine Comiskey (Co-PI: Dr. John Dinsmore)

Title: ISCA JAPAN Award
Duration: 2015
Description: Award to travel to Japan to establish a research network to compete for future EU/Japan funding opportunities via programmes such as H2020.
Funder: Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
Principle Investigator or TCD Lead: Dr. John Dinsmore

Duration: 2013-2014
Description: Literature review and report of 5 core health topics relevant to teenagers in Malaysia, South Africa, India, Ireland and the UK to support an online educational web-site – Working with Company Gridsta Ltd.
Funder: Enterprise Ireland - Innovation Voucher
Principle Investigator or TCD Lead: Dr. John Dinsmore

Title: Carers Association Scoping Report – Nature and Contribution of Family Carers
Duration: 2012
Description: The Nature of the Contribution of Family Carers to the Process of Caring for Frail, Ill and People with Disabilities in Ireland'.
Funder: Carers Association Ireland
Principle Investigator or TCD Lead: Prof. Catherine Comiskey (Co-PI: Dr. John Dinsmore)

Completed Projects TCPHI – Advisors on

Duration: 2013-2014
Description: Online transition information for young people, with long-term illnesses, moving to adult services 
Funder: Health Research Board – KEDS Award
Principle Investigator or TCD Lead: Prof. Imelda Coyne
TCPHI Advisor: Dr. John Dinsmore

St. James's Hospital

Haemophilia carrier testing clinic patient satisfaction survey
Collaborators: Eadaoin O'Shea, Gabrielle McKee, Michael Coughlan, Helen Corrigan

Tracheostomy safety 
Collaborators: Joy Norton, Lucy Kielty, Margaret Codd, Anne Marie Brady, Helen Corrigan

Nurse led endoscopy
Collaborators: Sharon Hough, Lucy Kielty, Patricia Cronin

Living with HIV and Hepatitis C Virus 
Collaborators: Gillian Farrell, Catherine Comiskey

STEMI: Assessment to determine if unit is meeting international guideline times
Collaborators: Michelle Lynch, Elizabeth Curtin, Lucy Blennerhassett, Sharon O’Donnell, Gabrielle McKee, Orla Dempsey

Patient controlled analgesia
Collaborators: Deirdre O’Dowd, Helen Corrigan

What do cardiac patients hope to gain from a phase III cardiac rehabilitation program?
Collaborators: Mary Kerins, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Orla Dempsey

Evaluation of febrile neutropenia risk assessment tool
Collaborators: Catherine O’Brien, Orla Dempsey 

Evaluating the development and implementation of a standardised telephone triage service
Collaborators: Amy Nolan, Norma Daly, Emma Rowan, Fiona Timmins, Orla Dempsey

An evaluation of patient outcomes following Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)
Collaborators: Sinead Teehan, Gabrielle McKee, Orla Dempsey

Quality assurance audit of the nurse led ‘New persons’ HIV clinic 
Collaborators: Sinead Murphy, Catherine Comiskey, Orla Dempsey

Xolair injection: Evaluating patient quality of life & cost benefit 
Collaborators: Stephen Shelley, Colm Mac Donald, Anne Marie Brady, Orla Dempsey

Student evaluation of undergraduate nursing clinical education
Collaborators: Grainne Nestor, Miriam Roche