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About Women Who Wow

Why Mentorship?

Almost half of female founders in startups cited a lack of available mentors or advisers as holding them back ( – we want to make sure that Trinity students don’t face this particular barrier.

A mentor can play an important role at any stage in a woman’s career, but it is particularly important in the early stages. From mentorship you gain invaluable expertise, access to a network, support and encouragement, as well as an outsider’s objective perspective on your goals and how best to reach them.

What's Involved?

Mentorship works best when you have thought about what would be most useful for you to learn or reflect upon. Our opening event with potential mentees and mentors will help to concretise this for all participants through emphasis on everyone’s individual goals for the future, and objectives for the mentorship scheme. This clarity also helps to ensure that you are matched with the correct mentor.

After that, you will meet with (or have a call with) your mentor for one hour every month between January and June 2022. At any stage you can reach out to Lara if you are experiencing a problem. Likewise, there will be some check-in events for the entire Women Who Wow community along the way.

Women Who Wow is a programme that sees a lot of demand from our students, and we can only accommodate so many applicants, so if you are lucky enough to gain a place, please ensure you remain engaged throughout the year of mentorship to benefit fully from this opportunity.