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About Women Who Wow

Women Who Wow is a mentorship programme aimed at female students who are interested in setting up their own business or social venture. We want to match you with an experienced, accessible mentor who has been where you are now and can help and advise you along the way.
At Tangent, we strongly believe that our entrepreneurship programmes are stronger and better with a better gender ratio. We are actively encouraging more female students with an interest in innovation, business, or social enterprise to apply for LaunchBox, Trinity's Student Accelerator, in summer 2020.
The mentorship programme will commence with a matching event on 26 November 2019 with a small reception for all mentors and mentees. After that, starting in January, you will arrange to meet with your mentor once a month for an hour at a time that is convenient for you both.

Why Mentorship?

Almost half-of female founders in startups cited a lack of available mentors or advisers as holding them back ( – we want to make sure that Trinity students don’t face this particular barrier.

A mentor can play an important role at any stage in a woman’s career, but it is particularly important in the early stages. From mentorship you gain invaluable expertise, access to a network, support and encouragement, as well as an outsider’s objective perspective on your goals and how best to reach them.

What's Involved?

Mentorship works best when you have thought about what would be most useful for you to learn or reflect upon. An event with potential mentees will help to concretise this for all participants through emphasis on everyone’s individual goals for the future, and objectives for the mentorship scheme. This clarity also helps to ensure that you are matched with the correct mentor.