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Storytelling for
Business Success


Whether you need someone to support your organisation, get behind your idea, or get excited about following your lead, refining your storytelling skills can help. In this masterclass you’ll learn how to shape your idea into a story and gain tools and techniques that will help you bring your vision to life and create stories that influence and inspire.

Daniel Rogers, Ph.D
Course Director

Communicating the value of your product or services is essential. We might not always remember the detail of what someone said but we do remember how we feel listening to them... and we remember the story! The art of storytelling can help transform how we articulate and influence.



3 Hour Masterclass Delivered Online

What topics will you cover?

This one-day Masterclass will you will learn how to refine and shape your idea using a narrative approach that brings clarity to your communication, inspiring people to pay attention and take action. You will learn about the science of storytelling, observe recent case-studies and come away having gained practical tools and techniques that will enable you to bring your vision to life and create stories that influence and transform.

  • Session 1: An introduction to business storytelling

  • Session 2: The science of story

  • Session 3: The skill of storytelling

  • Session 4: How we can use strategic story in our businesses going forward

At the end of this Masterclass, you will be able to:

  1. Gain a framework that will help you develop and hone your story
  2. Understand your audience, their needs, and what you’re trying to achieve with your big idea
  3. Create a prototype of your story that will help you shape it, share it with others, and make it more powerful
  4. Increase your ability to engage and inspire others through the development of tone and style
  5. Craft a story that brings your vision to life and motivates others toward action and leave with a bank of simple, short stories to help communicate the true authentic value of your business that ultimately help you sell your work / message to clients and customers
  6. Reference your certification of competition for a course at Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace

When does the course start?

  • Dates: Date to be confirmed for 2021 (1 day)

  • Schedule: 6.00pm - 9.00pm

  • Format: The course will be delivered through Trinity’s Virtual Learning Environment Blackboard, using videos, interactive presentations, case studies, and additional resources.

  • Course Fees: €250

  • Contact:

Registration is now open.

How is the course delivered?

The course is a highly interactive, online module using story, videos, interactive presentations, case study and practical exercises.

How do I register and pay for the course?

Application is Open – Apply now in 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete the form.

  2. Follow up call will be scheduled.

  3. Payment link will be sent to you and you are all set.

Registration is now open.

Course fees of €250 include access to the course via Blackboard for 6 weeks and a certificate of completion when all multiple choice questions have been attempted.

Please be aware that participation in the course does not include access to the Trinity Library or other student services.

This course can be considered towards CPD for professionals.

TCD Tangent Certificate of competition is conferred on all who complete the course.