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Workplace Wellbeing:

Establishing a culture of health at work

Qualification Certificate of Completion
Delivery Online
Duration 3 weeks
Course Fees €750 per person
Early bird rate: €550
Course Dates Next planned delivery: Q2 2023
Course Content Session 1: A Framework for Sustainable Workplace Wellbeing
Session 2: Establishing a Business Case for Wellbeing
Session 3: Gathering Wellbeing Data in your organisation

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Workplace wellbeing can be described as a combination of how staff feel about themselves, their colleagues, and their work. Fundamentally, it aims to ensure that people are safe, healthy and engaged at work and can lead to reduced incidences of stress and injury while simultaneously delivering enhanced productivity.

Organisational leadership underpinned by effective HR policy plays a significant role in ensuring organisations achieve wellbeing goals. Initiatives that support such goals can include employee assistance programmes, flexible working arrangements, adaptability and resilience training and healthy eating programmes. Establishing a robust culture of health and wellbeing that is aligned to organisational strategy is essential to ensuring the future wellbeing of our workforces. This programme offers a great first step in achieving this for your organisation.


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Workplace Wellness

Programme Description:

This programme is an in-depth exploration into the knowledge and tools required to establish a successful wellbeing programme in the workplace. It introduces an evidence-based framework that maps the stages that culminate in a robust workplace wellbeing programme. It explores how the correlation between an organisation’s wellbeing vision and its strategic ambition can be exploited to make a compelling business case for wellbeing in any organisation. It offers tools that help identify both current state and future wellbeing targets, ensuring that measurable wellbeing objectives can be identified, implemented and tracked.

Participants will leave the programme with a clear framework to design, implement and sustain a successful workplace wellbeing programme. A programme that not only improves the mental and physical health of its workforce, but also, supports, aligns and compliments their organisational processes, strategies and culture.

Who is this programme for?

Specifically, this programme is designed for mid-senior leaders and will enable them to:

  • Embed a culture of health in their organisation through supported, inclusive and intentional workplace wellbeing practices 
  • Drive workplace wellbeing initiatives within their organisation 
  • Reflect on the current wellbeing story of their organisation, it’s people and improve it iteratively for continued future success

Course topics

A Framework for Sustainable Workplace Wellbeing
A step-by-step guide

  • The current landscape of workplace wellbeing in Ireland and internationally
  • The 8-steps to an effective and sustainable programme
  • The role of leadership
  • Where to start with your well-being programme
  • Reflection Question: What’s the most important Workplace Wellbeing problem for you and your team to solve at work?
Establishing a Business Case for Wellbeing
Establish supporting foundations for Workplace Wellbeing

  • The Business Case for wellbeing: Aligning your wellbeing vision with that of your organisation
  • Techniques to establish and sustain committed and aligned leadership for your wellbeing initiatives
  • Bridges and barriers to wellbeing in your organisation
  • Reflection Question: To make progress on your Workplace Wellbeing problem who are the leaders you need to secure support from? 
Gathering Wellbeing Data in your organisation
Measurement and metrics

  • Tools – data gathering tools and techniques to mine valuable wellbeing insights  
  • Diagnostics – establishing the current state of wellbeing in your organisation
  • Measurement – setting your wellbeing targets and determining the optimal means of measuring and monitoring these targets.
  • Reflection Question: To make progress on your Workplace Wellbeing problem what metrics might you want to track and what data do you need to track their implementation?

Programme dates and structure

Next planned delivery: Q2 2023

3 x Masterclass sessions (3 hours):

  • Session 1: A Framework for Sustainable Workplace Wellbeing
  • Session 2: Establishing a Business Case for Wellbeing
  • Session 3: Gathering Wellbeing Data in your organisation

How is this programme unique?

This programme focuses on an evidence-based framework for implementing a successful wellbeing programme in the workplace. It recognises the importance of purposeful and intentional wellbeing acts when building a meaningful and sustained wellbeing programme. A carefully crafted programme needs structure, support and metrics to be successful.

Who teaches the programme?

Brian Crooke - Founder of Workplace Wellbeing Ireland

Brian is a wellbeing educator, speaker and adviser, empowering Irish organisations to promote and sustain wellbeing within their workplaces. He is the founder of the Workplace Wellbeing Ireland community and is course lead for the Postgraduate Certificate in Workplace Wellness at Tangent, Trinity College Dublin.

Who can I contact for more information about the programme?