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Executive Breakout:
Innovation Leadership and Transformation

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At Tangent, we believe that in order to lead the way through change, you must change the way you lead. The design of this programme has been informed by industry research and international best practice. The course combines innovation leadership training with bespoke coaching that will empower participants to deliver personal and organisational impact in addition to accelerating their career development. The World Economic Forum sets out three critical skills for continuous competitive advantage: innovation, active learning and complex problem-solving. Participants on this programme will have the opportunity to acquire these skills to future-proof their careers.
Specifically, this programme is designed for mid-senior executives and will enable them to:

  • Acquire the tools to plan, deliver and manage an innovation action plan for their organisation or division.
  • Lead out on innovation activities with purpose and clarity and be ambassadors for innovation within their organisation.
  • Foster a culture of innovation with remote teams and adapt to changing work practices and environments.
  • Develop a positive approach to leadership and organisational change, through Appreciative Inquiry, where the focus of change builds on existing strengths.

This programme will empower individuals with the confidence and agility to lead out on innovation within organisations and teams through necessary change and to innovatively respond to opportunities and challenges brought about by COVID-19, rapid advancements in technology, new ways of working and ever-increasing market demands.
It is particularly suited to ambitious professionals responsible for teams or business units. It will also benefit those who wish to build innovation capability within their organisation.

Session Delivery Dates:

Masterclass sessions: 6 Half Days and 1 Full Day / 26th May - 16th June / Wednesdays & Fridays

Structure of Programme:

31 hours over the course of 4 weeks.

Each session is 7 hours.

4 x sessions:

  • Session 1: Developing Innovation Leadership, May 26 and May 28
  • Session 2: Inspiring Creative Collaboration, June 2 and June 4
  • Session 3: Design Thinking for Strategy, June 9 and June 11
  • Session 4: Effective and Impactful Communication, June 16 - full day

Sessions 1-3 will be held from 9:30am till 1pm.
Session 4 will be held from 9:30am till 5pm.

Coaching Sessions:

Week commencing 24 May and week commencing 21 June. 2 x 1.5 hour sessions by appointment.

Course fee:

  • €1950
  • ICBE Skillnet funding may be available for participants.
Funding may be available. Register your Interest to Check if You Apply.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for those who wish to develop personally and professionally acquiring new methods of working with teams to positively impact their organisation. It is for those navigating changing environments and embracing new ways of working. It is particularly suited to those seeking to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and acquire the tools to drive innovation in their teams and the wider organisation. The programme does not assume any prior knowledge or training in the subject areas.

How is this programme unique?

This intensive programme is delivered through a combination of renowned academics and industry experts. It offers a deep-dive and experiential environment with exposure to best-in-class tools and frameworks that empower innovation leaders. The programme includes two bespoke one-to-one sessions with one of our accredited coaches - providing you with the support to develop your innovation action plan.

What topics will the programme cover?

SESSION 1 - Developing Innovation Leadership. Fostering a culture of innovation

  • Identify the key attributes and skills of an innovative leader.
  • Overcome internal and external barriers to innovation.
  • Inspire colleagues and teams to experiment and innovate for organisational success.

SESSION 2 - Inspiring Creative Collaboration. Driving innovation through collaborative leadership

  • Discuss theories of how teams develop and their contribution to the work output of organisations.
  • Identify various tools and methodologies to collaborate in-person and remotely.
  • Assess the advantages and disadvantages of working in multidisciplinary and cross-functional teams and how diversity impacts creativity and innovation.

SESSION 3 - Design Thinking for Strategy. Leading for shared vision and purpose.

  • Develop skills in empathy, problem definition, idea generation and prototype development.
  • Rapidly prototype solutions to obtain feedback.
  • Reflect on how Design Thinking could be applied within a wide variety of contexts (including your own work).
  • Appraise the value of Design Thinking to specific complex problems.

SESSION 4 - Effective and Impactful Communication. Leading through impactful communication.

  • Articulate the value of creative solutions in a meaningful and concise manner.
  • Structuring communication into a compelling narrative that inspires the audience.

What are the Coaching Sessions included in the programme?

During this session your coach will work with you to start an innovation action plan that will be developed over the course of the programme. They will assist you in structuring your personal and organisational goals with the aim of actioning successful change during the program and beyond. Your coach will support the development of your innovation action plan which will facilitate an awareness of your abilities, resources, values, and interests, shaping your vision and leadership strategy in actioning change.

What are the programme outcomes?

Specifically, this programme is designed for mid-senior executives and will enable them to:

  • Acquire the tools to plan, deliver and manage an innovation action plan for their organisation or division.
  • Lead out on innovation activities with purpose and clarity and be ambassadors for innovation within their organisation.
  • Foster a culture of innovation with remote teams and adapt to changing work practices and environments.
  • Develop a positive approach to innovation leadership and organisational change, through Appreciative Inquiry, where the focus of change builds on existing strengths.

When does the programme run?

  • Session 1: May 26 and May 28
  • Session 2: June 2 and 4
  • Session 3: June 9 and 11
  • Session 4: June 16 -Full day
  • Coaching Session 1: w/c May 24-27
  • Coaching Session 2: w/c June 21-24

Who teaches the programme?

Grounded in 20 years of working with individual leaders and organisations, Connor holds that leadership starts within, is anchored in purpose and vision, and manifests in dynamic relationships. Connor’s mission is to help leaders become conscious of what they create every day and take full responsibility for their impact.

He calls forth leaders to step into their agency and to effect the change they seek in their organisation. As a co-founder of Choose Leadership, he put this principle into practice when the world of in-person learning and facilitation evaporated in March 2020, and he and Regina transformed their business into a virtual one. With humour and lightness, Connor helps his clients uncover the issues that really matter, in service of transforming their organisations and their lives.

Connor is facilitator for Session 1 & 2.

Regina helps purpose-driven leaders uncover and wholeheartedly step into their boldest vision of meaningful change. A systemic change consultant with a background in agile innovation and entrepreneurship, she is driven by the vision of organisations as communities of purpose which thrive in rapidly changing market environments. Regina is always up for a challenge and did not hesitate when all interaction had to move online overnight in March 2020: Together with Connor, she set out to prove that online meetings, workshops, and conferences can be more intimate, connected and trustfull than the gatherings most people have experienced at the workplace.

Regina is facilitator for Session 1 & 2.

In October 2020, the World Economic Forum affirmed that the three most critical skills businesses require to remain competitive and manage change over the next five years are innovation, active learning and complex problem-solving. These skills are the very skills that Jonathan has spent the last decade helping leaders embed in their organisations.

As part of the Creative Education Foundation's core faculty, Jonathan is at the forefront of designing and delivering courses in creativity, design thinking, design sprints, and complex problem-solving. Jonathan has also designed the Social Business Canvas, a tool to help social entrepreneurs design and map their business models. Jonathan helps to transform organisations and leaders across both the public and private sectors including Nottingham Business School, BlueJeans, Morgan Sindall and Fauceria.

Jonathan is facilitator for Session 3.

At the start of the pandemic, Steve lost all his bookings for the year ahead in just one week. By the end of 2020, he had doubled his turnover. What happened in those nine months? As the crisis unfolded, Steve realised his corporate clients needed stories more than ever. Stories could make sense of the crisis; stories could reassure anxious customers. But his clients were fighting Zoom-fatigue. Thankfully, Steve had 20+ years’ experience as a TV journalist, so he knew how to make his message work on the small screen.

Steve now helps clients like Google, Roche, the BBC and IDEO tell better stories about their work. He has told over 20,000 stories in his career, so he can probably help you tell yours.

Steve is facilitator for Session 4.

Who are the programme coaches?

Geraldine is a long time, international technology consultant, and has specialised in senior talent development; a thought leader in corporate performance management & development and a highly sought-after career coach & mentor. A recognised authority on executive career coaching, she has served as a talent management adviser to senior directors and business owners in Ireland, UK and the US over the past 8 years. Now, as Co-Founder of Elanova, using some of the newest and most unique technologies, Geraldine is continuing to empower hundreds of clients find their unique strengths for success with a laser focus on personal and professional excellence.

As a passionate advocate for lifelong education and training development, Gillian is a highly skilled coach and mentor to support personal and skill development. Gillian has an extensive background in education facilitation, design and development. Armed with over a decade of teaching and programme design experience at third level and qualifications in Learning & Development, Gillian has exceptional insights into inclusive, user centric learning program design. She adopts a solution-focused approach to curriculum design with the client’s needs at the epicentre of their professional development and user experience.

Central to Louise’s coaching principles is the transformation of individuals into being the best version of themselves. Louise is certified in both Personal, Executive & Leadership Coaching in addition to Corporate Wellbeing Coaching.

As a champion of Innovation and Change Management, Louise has pioneered and designed several Innovation and Leadership education programmes, including women only leadership development programmes and a leadership programme for PhD Researchers in conjunction with The William Clinton Institute of Leadership, in Queens University Belfast. She has a legacy in entrepreneurship stemming from Industry and third level experience, in addition to having strong understanding of SME sector business challenges.

As a leadership coach since 2016, Martin supports executives to maximise their performance potential through a focus on self-awareness, establishing and maintaining goals, enhancing personal impact and overcoming immunities to change. In addition to being a qualified Executive Coach, Martin is certified in Emotional Intelligence (ECR 360), Immunity to Change coaching including team facilitation and is a licensed Inner Game Facilitator.

How is the programme delivered?

The course is delivered through online media and classroom sessions, using videos, interactive presentations, case studies, and additional resources. You will also be enrolled in an online alumni community of your fellow students, to continue to share learnings and experiences.

How do I register and pay for this programme?

Applications will be accepted subject to a selection process based on management experience and qualifications.

Pay via PayPal - €1,950.00


Please be aware that participation in the course does not include access to the Trinity Library or other student services.

TCD Tangent Certificate of Completion is conferred on all who complete the course.


Orla Power
Director, Market Operations at Facebook

Attending Executive Breakout really helped me develop new skills and fine tune existing skills related to innovation. The individual project work helped me to develop an innovation plan that I was able to implement in my own organisation. My growth in challenging the status quo, from confidence and skills to do so, has been as a direct result from completing Executive Breakout.

Brian Dalton
Barrister-at-Law and former Commercial Director, RTÉ

This is a world class Executive Programme that gives participants an unrivalled access to best in class creative, leadership and change management practitioners, so they can develop entrepreneurial flair and courage to realise their creative ambitions. It has helped me hugely as an Executive and Lawyer to navigate successfully during times of high uncertainty and volatility. I would highly recommend this programme to help you lead, manage and implement change in your organisation and your own career.

Múirne Laffan
Chief Growth Officer & Strategic Advisor, NewsOverAudio

My experience participating in Executive Breakout really helped me to expand my perspective and approach. The Tangent team, culture, and breadth of faculty from leading educational institutions across the US and Europe was provocative and stimulating. New ideas, approaches and a great cohort left a lasting impact on my thinking.

Linda Allen
Head of Talent Management, Iarnród Éireann

Iarnród Éireann has procured and engaged a number of Executive Development masterclasses across a range of areas from Tangent, Trinity's Ideas Workspace for our high potentials and emerging managers. Tangent's networks of industry professionals are so vast and diverse that quality is assured with everything you purchase from them. Louise Andrews has expertly managed and facilitated our first Female Leadership Development Programme 'Inspire' from design to delivery to post evaluation with our first cohort graduating in 2021.

Why is this programme for you?

You have a measure of choice and control over what you are aware of, but what you are unaware of controls you. — John Whitmore, 2010

Our innovation leadership programmes aim to empower you to become an ambassador for innovation in your organisation, driving cultural change that leads to higher performance. You will gain an increased awareness of your behaviour, leadership style, values, and strengths and how these can foster collaboration, creativity, inclusion, and diversity.

The Executive Breakout programme includes two bespoke one-to-one sessions with one of our accredited coaches - providing you with the tools and insights to become a more effective innovation leader. These sessions ensure that the learning from each module is reflected in your innovation action plan.

Facilitator-Client testimonials: Why our facilitators are best in class?

1.Steve Rawling-The Influential Leader Through Storytelling and Change

Kevin Kelly
Digital Innovation Lead Health Service Executive (HSE)

Steve showed us the importance of storytelling in the workplace to influence people. I realised the importance of making an emotional connection with an audience while preparing for negative emotions instead of just offering the Cinderella story. Could have listened to Steve all day and hope to again.

Tom Janicot
Head of Strategic Projects at Sportec Solutions GmbH

Steve's training gave me tools that I still use over 4 years down the line. Steve has put together the perfect mix of easy to understand concepts and how to apply them directly in your particular setting.

2. Jonathan Bannister -The Transformative Leader Through Critical Thinking

Rosie Walford
Founder/Director @ The Big Stretch

Jonathan is a storm of energy, focus and can-do enthusiasm. I've rarely felt a project move with so much laughter and momentum, and in this ponderous, jargon-laden world, that's really valuable. It brings freshness, team focus, and the best performance out of people.
I also admire the fact that one person can so effortlessly hold a shrewd financial focus whilst making space for real creativity. Is he several people in one skin, I ask myself?

David Richter
Marketing Director at Urban Golf

Jonathan's key strength has been to get to the core of what we're trying to achieve and come up with well thought out but creative plan of action. Of course, the best strategy in the world is useless if it's poorly executed. If you work with Jonathan you can expect a well thought out strategy, executed brilliantly.

Juliet Bray
Director of Brand Marketing at NB Real Estate

Jonathan is that exceptional phenomenon in the marketing world - a truly original thinker. As his long-time client, I have frequently been challenged on my brief, had my understanding of the underlying problem pushed to new depths and always been delighted with the results of his thinking. Jonathan works with a fabulous team of creative thinkers and designers and, together, the solutions they produce are exciting and effective.

3. Geraldine Bracken, Coach and Co-Founder of Elanova

Stephaine Sheehan
Director of Engineering while in Poppulo.

I worked with Geraldine from Elanova in my roles as Director of Engineering and as VP of Operations at Poppulo and I can only describe the experience as transformational. Geraldine’s approach and toolkit are an absolute must for anyone in a leadership position or anyone trying to understand their own professional path. Her hands-on practical approach and generosity with her time are fabulous. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. If you have the opportunity to work with her, grab it. It will change your life!

Roundtable Discussion with the Course Facilitators - Watch now!