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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LaunchBox?

LaunchBox is an accelerator programme for Trinity students run during the summer months. We offer each successful team: €10K in funding for the summer; a structured programme with experts and thought leaders; access to investors and mentors; on-campus co-working space; and the perfect collaborative environment to progress your idea and business.

Why should I apply?

You should apply if you’re interested in one day running your own startup. We want to fund your team to progress your idea this summer, and give you the help, support and guidance to make the absolute most of it.

To whom is it open?

Teams (2 – 3 people is the recommended team size, but larger teams may apply) with an idea for a business idea or social venture. The team has to have a majority of Trinity students to be eligible. We don’t just fund tech – we are interested in ideas from an array of different disciplines, industries and areas. More details on eligibility can be found here.

How do I apply?

The closing date for applications is 18 February 2022 at 12 noon. To apply you must complete the online application form.

When's the closing date?

Friday 18 February 2022 at 12 noon.

Can I apply as a solo founder?

No. LaunchBox only accepts teams (2+). The reason for this is that starting your own business or social enterprise is hard, and to manage the programme effectively and progress your idea at the same time, a team of at least two is required.

Are there any application supports available?

Tonnes. Our information evenings will run until just before the event applications closes. You can sign up from our Tangent Events page. Application drop-in sessions will run the week before the closing date so you can sign up to have Alison take a look at your application before you hit submit. Check back on our Events page to book.

I have an idea, but I don’t have a team – what do I do?

As a first step, sign up to the Tangent Ecosytem , and take part in our Tangent Open Incubator to meet like-minded entrepreneurial students. Come to our Find Your Founder events (and our other events, come to them too!) to see if you can find someone who shares your passions and plugs your skills gap. Details of our upcoming events can be found here.

I’m trying to apply, but I can’t save my application as I go?

Our application form doesn’t allow for save-as-you-go, but you can use the Word version of the form to copy and paste from if you’re more comfortable preparing your answers in advance.

How much funding do we receive?

Each successful team will receive €10K in funding and in-kind benefits. This funding is in place of (and not in addition to) the pre-2019 LaunchBox model, which paid each team-member a small stipend per week. Students who pay rent because they do not live with their families are also entitled to a small rent subsidy. (Last year this was approx. €500 per eligible student in addition to the team funding.)

Who owns the IP of my idea?

You do. We don’t take equity in our startups. We want to be advocates, and to give you advice based on your situation, and not based on our ROI.

Do we need to be available full-time?

Yes. The programme will mostly run during business hours over the summer, and team members need to be available and present for the duration.

I have more questions.

Come along to one of our many Information Evenings – – details on our Events page. You can also email

I’ve applied. What happens next?

You’ll be notified as to the success of your application as soon as possible.