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“Bridging the Information Gap - Tackling Opioid Mis-use and Addiction”
With big Pharma hooked on profit and doctors at breaking point, consumers/patients are self-diagnosing more frequently and usually via Google. They are relying less on traditional medical advice, leading to major distortions in diagnoses, made worse by the increasing availability of synthetic opioids. Our programme will challenge course participants to apply new, creative and entrepreneurial insights in order arrive at commercial solutions to help resolve this real-life correlation between mis-diagnosis, mis-information and newer, more potent forms of opioid addiction.

EIT Health “Entrepreneurship Labs” (E-labs) 2020
The aim of the E-Labs programme is to empower students to translate creative and innovative ideas into products, services and policies for commercial, social and cultural benefit. On this programme, enterprising students will learn the fundamentals of creative and design thinking, idea development, opportunity generation/recognition and venture planning tools/concepts to bring innovative products and services to solve this Opioid challenge. Students will learn to be innovative and entrepreneurial in their approach to problem solving and to addressing  international societal issue.

University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) and Trinity College Dublin (TCD) E-labs Programme Overview

This E-Labs programme will comprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship teaching delivered on a part time basis and available to undergraduate/master/PhD students as well as citizen and patient group activists. The programme will foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the student population and the development of the core skills of innovation and enterprise. It will be practically oriented with a specific emphasis on project work and problem-based learning. Students will develop the soft skills essential to any entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

Get Involved

E-labs 2020 will commence on 6th October and conclude eight weeks later.
We need 50 students from all academic levels, schools and courses to commit to the programme. We require 25 in Dublin and 25 in Groningen.
To register an expression of interest, you simply need to email us with your name and contact details. In order to participate in this 8-week online programme, to be run over the course of 2020, you will need to commit to the entire 8-week programme.

Programme Overview

The programme will consist of 1 hour-long online workshop per week with content delivered and streamed by contributors and industry partners between Dublin and Groningen. In between workshops, students will have online access to mentors who will help them with the development of their ideas.
At the end of the programme, participants will be invited to pitch to a panel of investors and industry experts. The winning solutions/teams (one from each country) will receive a non-cash prize to the value of €2,500 each.

If you would like more information on this programme, please contact Breandán Goss, European Accelerator Manager at email