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Alsessor - Tangent's AI Accelerator

Alsessor is a five month accelerator program designed to support global early-stage AI companies at prototype or proof of concept phase. Sectors of interest are retail, digital health, fintech, insurtech, regulatory, and compliance. The second year of this programme started February 2022 and the bootcamp will run over a consecutive five month period with, if COVID-19 restrictions allow, at least 18 face to face gatherings by way of organised workshops and events.

The participants are nascent businesses with bleeding edge innovations in AI. This AI accelerator will help expedite each startup’s commercial development within the rubric of an intense accelerator environment. Such a collaborative environment has been proven to be of immense benefit to entrepreneurs and innovators, offering them exposure to domain expertise, mentorship, masterclasses and workshops.

Once the businesses have exited the accelerator, they will have improved, refined and perfected elements of their business model and their approach to commercially exploiting the solutions they are developing. Ultimately, we want to embed this initiative in the AI start-up ecosystem and create cornerstones for ambitious, global reaching international businesses.

Alsessor AI Accelerator takes place in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Follow the journey of the 2022 intake on Twitter @alsessor.

2022 Teams


Digitising the end-to-end pharma customer and supplier approval and maintenance cycle, resulting in robust, repeatable and traceable processes.


Conversational commerce-as-a-service, bringing ecommerce to the world's most popular chat apps.

Kids Speech Labs

An AI-driven remote screening and intervention platform for children’s speech and language therapy.


An experiences recommendation platform that connects people to in-person experiences and live events.

Opa Mind

A digital voice diary powered by AI for improving mental health and well-being.

Play Learn Develop

AI prediction to support organisational transformation and corporate training.

Resoenix Capital

A new-age trading & investing platform based on AI driven analytics and insights.


A platform that weaves foreign words into English sentences so you can learn any language effortlessly.


Customizable, universal native, NFT embedded avatars with real-time reactionary animation capabilities.


An AI driven Critical Care Communication Platform for Healthcare Practitioners.


Develops AI and computer vision technology to make micro mobility and scooter use safer and cities smarter.

Programme Overview

On the Alsessor AI Accelerator programme, the following types of intervention will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on your business:

  • Access to peers (Networking and P2P engagement throughout the accelerator)
  • Access to entrepreneurs who have previous corporate (employee) experience
  • Help with team formation, building and expansion
  • Direct funding from the programme
  • Help measuring ethical and sustainability impact of AI
  • Mentoring from an industry expert or established entrepreneur
  • Press or media exposure
  • Mentoring from a venture capitalist (VC) / Angel
  • Facilitated access to post-incubation funding opportunities once investor-ready

2022 Mentors

How to Apply For 2023

You can request an application form via our website or by filling out this contact form.

Need more information? Drop us a line here and we will be in touch.