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Circular Cities ClimAccelerator

Cities contribute hugely to climate change, material consumption and waste generation. In fact, 75% of EU citizens live in urban areas, yet produce 50% of all waste and 60% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally. Tangent is proud to join academic and city partners to address some of these challenges through the Circular Cities ClimAccelerator programme.

Implemented in conjunction with ClimateKIC, Luvent Consulting and Danmarks Teknikske Universitet (DTU) across Berlin, Dublin, Athens, and Copenhagen, the Circular Cities ClimAccelerator recruits European start-up companies hoping to advance their circular economy solution.

Circular start-ups aim to reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and regenerate resources for the betterment of urban environments, maximising the lifecycle of materials and optimising their use. Restorative by design, a circular economy helps offset climate change, therefore helping Europe transition to net-zero carbon emissions.

Companies participating on this accelerator are developing solutions across transport and mobility, logistics, waste management, construction material, food consumption and packaging to support more sustainable, circular urban environments.

Winter Startups for Circular Cities ClimAccelerator 2021

Winter 2021 Dublin Start-ups

Fernhay Ltd

Manufacturing last mile logistics cycling and walking equipment. Providing a system based on a mechanised container moving between assets including cycling and walking products that replaces the need of vans in cities.


Concrete4change (C4C) is using specific technology for CO2 sequestration. A polymer-based carrier is utilised to transfer CO2 into concrete - up to 30%. The CO2 will react with concrete and will be permanently mineralised. As a result of the injected CO2 mineralisation, the strength of concrete will increase. It is estimated that squestering CO2 into concrete could mitigate up to 4% of global CO2 emissions

River Cycleway Europe

We are providing a service design innovation offering for active mobility and resilience to licence to Circular Cities. Rivers and waterways offer vast and untapped potential to decarbonise and transform citizen transport choices in favour of active mobility and circular clean energy generation choices.

It is now more important than ever to guarantee everyone has a safe commute as we learn to live with COVID-19.

SuperWheel System Ltd

Bicycle Pedal assistance by weight & without a battery. The SuperWheel is a bicycle wheel, converting the rider's weight to turning power during rotation. Simply replace the standard back wheel to a SuperWheel, and transform your standard bike to a super performance bike and enjoy easy cycling without distance limit.

Electric Avenue Bikes

E-mobility company that transforms the landscape of employee commuting.There are two aspects to our offering, one is the physical hardware supplied and the other is the back up service offering.

Positive Carbon

Positive Carbon provides food businesses with fully automated food waste monitoring preventing 50% of food waste and increasing kitchen profits.

Winter 2021 Berlin Start-ups


The Winkt App is a social reality platform that enables small local retailers and gastronomers to connect with potential customers nearby in order to easily provide offers, invitations or no show replacements - direct, fast, efficient.
Winkt is a location-based app that connects people who are in the same area - precisely within a radius of a maximum of 300 meters. Communication is minimal, quick, easy, and efficient (compared to e.g. TooGoodTooGo). Winkt offers instant communities and followership to people with specific interests.


FixFirst is the operating system for circular services.
It is a software that enables services providers, manufacturers, retailers & more to launch, scale & improve their circular operations, starting with repair & maintenance in the electronics sector.


Concular closes the material loop in the construction sector by making the reuse of construction material easy, efficient and measurable.
Concular is creating local materials loops in the construction sector by having developed a digital platform for circular construction. Their software allows them to digitize materials in existing and new buildings using material passports.


SunCrafter offers solar-powered dock & charging stations for light electric vehicles from 2nd life solar panels to empower micro e-mobility services with a smart and clean energy infrastructure.
SunCrafter creates pop-up LEV dock & charge infrastructure networks. Each station within the network is powered 100% by the sun and therefore grid independent.

Era Zero Waste

Local marketplace for sustainable groceries. A platform for green last-mile logistics partners and reusable containers.
Using AI to manage inventory and to help stores bring their offline stores online fast and reduce food waste at home.

Winter 2021 Athens Start-ups



Wegozero is a zero waste consultancy and was founded in Amsterdam to make an impact for future generations.Europe already offers an existent Zero Waste network, Wegozero aims to make it visible. Wegozero wants to create an app that makes it easy for people to go zero waste. Thus spreading awareness and supporting local businesses as they create partnerships within the circular economy.


Environmental systems' monitoring and analysis using smart tools.
Upgrading of urban waste collection and management through smart systems. Utilisation of available infrastructure (bins, trucks, transfer stations) and introduction of IoT and smart phone applications. A significant part is training of personnel as well as the engagement of stakeholders.

BabylonGardens Greece

Using recycling and recyclable materials to greening cities one wall, one roof at a time.
BabylonGardens has developed and patented a technology based on the collection and reuse of plastic bottles of different types without discarding any part, for an extremely cost-efficient, easy-to-build way to turn massive quantities of plastic bottles into Green Walls, thus allowing the greening of cities by covering walls on public and private buildings with planted surfaces.

Winter 2021 Maastricht Start-ups


AEXI - Advanced Export Intelligence

We provide advanced intelligence processing to design sustainable and circular export market strategies for companies, governments, and global development organizations.
We offer the Export Market Finder that will allow any country, city or region to evaluate the transport implications of its current and alternative export baskets. Say for instance a large multinational in Dublin wants to export more. Our product can help find a realistic export market as well as provide guidance on the implications for transport and carbon emissions associated with that export opportunity.


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