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Ambassadors in
in Healthcare & Innovation

Tangent, Trinity's Ideas Workspace is offering the Ambassadors in Healthcare Innovation programme which aims to empower healthcare professionals to translate their creative and innovative ideas into products, services and policies.

The delivery method is blended (40% online, 60% in person). The course schedule is adapted to suit professionals worklife.

Programme Overview

The aim of the Ambassadors in Healthcare Innovation programme is to empower healthcare professionals to translate their creative and innovative ideas into products, services and policies. To increase an organisation's change capability, employees must be given the appetite for it. This programme aims to develop core "essentially human" competencies in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship that give employees the confidence, transversal skills and know-how to apply their domain expertise in an innovative way. Training workers to engage with technology, whilst focusing on the development of higher cognitive skills such as critical thinking, creativity and empathy, will free healthcare professionals up to deliver better patient care whilst making continuous quality improvements and building a culture of innovation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop comprehensive skills in creative thinking and innovation including empathy, problem definition, idea generation and prototype development
  • Reflect on the importance of Innovation in a healthcare context 
  • Apply tools and frameworks to address current and future challenges in the healthcare sector
  • Work effectively in a team and understand roles
  • Articulate the value of proposed solutions in a meaningful and concise manner 


The Ambassadors in Healthcare Innovation programme takes the blended learning approach, combining online (40%) and classroom-based learning (60%). This approach allows Tangent to support flexibility in learning opportunities.

Programme Outline

MODULE 1: Theories of Innovation & Creativity (online)
This module explores principles and practices associated with creativity and innovation. It exposes healthcare professionals to frameworks and methodologies for critical thinking, problem solving and creative collaboration.


MODULE 2: Creativity and Design Thinking in Healthcare (2 Days)
This module focuses on developing confidence in creative thinking. The objective is to introduce the participants to the inherent risk of failure in creative thinking but also the latent learning for the next cycle. Evolution of innovative ideas in multi-disciplinary teams targets team working in a creative context on healthcare challenges. The module is delivered through activity-based exercises at individual and group level.

MODULE 3: Opportunity Generation & Recognition (2 Days)
This module provides healthcare professionals with the tools to generate and recognise entrepreneurial opportunity. There is also a focus on the communication and articulation of such opportunity in an influential manner. This module addressed questions such as: what potential for innovation might there be in my workplace? How might this potential be exploited? Will I be able to work with others? What kinds of value can be created?

MODULE 4: Intrapreneurship in Digital Health (2 Days)
This module provides healthcare professionals with intrapreneurial leadership skills, with a specific focus on digital health and systems management. The module will also explore frameworks around effective implementation of ideas in a healthcare setting.

CHALLENGE: Innovation Sprint (2 Days)
Participants will be assigned a challenge from the 5 themes as identified by the HSE, and a 2 day innovation sprint will take place at the end pulling all knowledge and skills gained together.


This programme is valued at 4,200 euro but due to funding from EIT Health, Tangent is offering 30 scholarships which will cover all student fees.


Participants who successfully complete the programme will receive a certificate of completion from Trinity College Dublin.

Who Should Apply

This programme is open to healthcare workers (clinical and non-clinical) in Europe who possess the ambition to bring about positive change in health systems, and become innovation champions in their workplace. It is also ideal for anyone with a health-related business idea who would like to develop it further.

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