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Tangent Blog Authors

Vicky McEvoy
Tangent Programme Coordinator | Programme Lead

Vicky is a Programme Coordinator with Tangent – Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, and has extensive experience in education management, coordination and delivery. She taught for 13 years within the higher and further education sectors, and has previously lectured in the School of Education, TCD, DBS, BCFE and DCU. Vicky’s background is in media and communications and she is also a qualified life and business coach.

Vicky's blog posts

    • We Are All Innovators
    • Everyday Innovation
    • Solving Everyday Problems
Rosemary Deneher
Tangent Senior Programme Manager

As Programme Lead in Tangent, Rosemary oversees the development and delivery of all the certified educational programmes. With more than 15 years’ teaching and learning experience, Rosemary brings design thinking, innovation and creativity into programme design and into classroom. Her aim is to foster collaboration among students, facilitate engagement and promote excellence in teaching and learning.

    She is:
  • experienced at developing, managing and delivering higher educational programmes
  • passionate about bringing creativity and innovation into curriculum development and design
  • currently learning more about the future of work, emotional intelligence and critical thinking
Rosemary’s love of lifelong learning is evident in her teaching and she has completed a degree and an MSc in Education and Training as a returner to education. She has also recently completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Creativity, Innovation and Leadership in UCD.

Dr Dan Rogers
Tangent Head of Education

Dan has a background in psychology and education and is passionate about the human centred innovation process. With 10+ years in education management, Dan oversees the development and sustainability of new education initiatives at Tangent ensuring that programmes are research informed, experiential and aligned to international best practice.He has a broad industry network and particular expertise working with inter-disciplinary groups to achieve creative and innovative outcomes using Design Thinking and LEAN methodologies.

Dan has been nominated for the Provost's teaching award, recognising his teaching abilities and the promotion of tools, procedures and behaviours to facilitate creativity and problem solving among Trinity's PhD students. Dan is also a creative entrepreneur, record label owner and freelance multimedia producer.

Jane Flanagan
Tangent Student Recruitment Officer

As Student Recruitment Officer at Tangent, Jane looks after the recruitment and on boarding of students for all our certified educational programmes. With a background and interest in theatre and nearly twenty years of working in the corporate sector, Jane brings creative thinking and industry experience to the role. Having recently completed a Level 9 Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Thinking, Innovation and Leadership from UCD, Jane is an example of how adult learning and pivoting can be achieved, moving from healthcare into the Tangent space.