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Meet the Future Shapers : A conversation with Joseph Keegan

In this episode of Meet the Future Shapers, we talk with Joseph Keegan, a recent graduate of the Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Joseph has gone on to become a highly valuable back-to-business support consultant, applying his new skills in thinking outside the box and networking to help others get back on their feet in challenging times.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I am a proud parent that enjoys a challenge which pushes the boundaries of my thinking. As a Principle Technical IT Consultant working globally for over 25 years. I produce and present various ICT Contingency and Dynamic Budgeting reporting systems on a yearly basis. I now work as a 'Covid Reopening Consultant' enabling others to reopen their businesses via grants and aid packages.

What has inspired you to do what you do?

The satisfaction of supporting clients enjoying the fruits of my labour to get a project to a successful conclusion.

When did you first hear about the Tangent Creative Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurship course and why did it attract your interest?

I heard about Tangent through the Springboard website and the Course content/modules looked challenging and they pushed the boundaries of knowledge and research which is exactly where I see myself.

Did you have any reservations about applying for the course?

Yes I did have some reservations especially the time commitment involved. In the end my concerns were unfounded because once you are committed then you can do anything you set your mind too.

What you did enjoy most about the Creative Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurship course?

The daily challenges that were presented to the class which sounded impossible at times but with the help of the staff, lectures, mentors and fellow students, the seemingly impossible became possible. Much was achieved and goals were met beyond my expectations.

What were you key takeaways?

The key takeaways for me were:
Thinking outside the box may not be as easy as one imagines;
Not everyone sees things the way you do;
No idea is a wrong idea;
Everybody has something to contribute.

How has the course most helped you & your business?

The course has helped me realign my interests and objectives at the same time moving into a truly Creative and Innovative Space which always involves listening to others. On the flip side of things I have linked up with my fellow Trinity College Tangent colleague to successfully reopen his Cafe Business in Danny Mulligans, 16 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1, during these uncertain times , which we never thought was possible.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I intend to continue on my path of networking, innovation and empowering others through positive creative thinking, therefore bringing out the best in everyone. Although the future appears uncertain at the moment, I am committed to reaching my goals and helping others achieve theirs.

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Is there anything you would like to add for anyone reading this?

While and since doing the course my outlook on life has become much more fulfilled and I feel more enabled to meet any challenge creatively. The Course has enabled me to focus on what matters whilst at the same time allowing my creative and innovative skills to broaden their outlook thereby making my contribution to society more measured and positive.
I have achieved being Joint Class Rep for the 2019 / 2020 Cohort of Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship which despite its challenges was an amazing experience.

I have achieved writing articles for Trinity Business Review on Behalf of Trinity Entrepreneur Society as their Incubator Ambassador and represented Tangent with the Government Jobs Initiative which you can read about here.

I also challenged the GSU Vice-Presidency 2020, not winning but increasing the vote by 21% and getting 21% over the vote - a Trinity First!

and more importantly meeting a group of like-minded individuals I will never forget ......

Joseph’s story is an encouraging one to watch. We love how the newfound skills he has acquired are helping him to not only follow his own passion but are allowing him to help others during these challenging times. It's a great example of Innovation and Creative Thinking at work! You can follow Joseph on Twitter @Whois_Joe_90 or find out more about his support services at or on Facebook @jmksupportservices.