School Community


Trinity Access 21 Project Schools are 11 Dublin-area, TAP-linked schools. TA21 supports the schools to develop and expand 'college-going' cultures. Each school participates in the four core educational practices of: Leadership through Service, Mentoring, Pathways to College and 21st Century Teaching and Learning.

Trinity Access 21, in partnership with Trinity College Dublin's School of Education and CRITE, also works with teachers from schools in Dublin and across the country on the Level 9 Postgraduate Certificate in 21st Century Teaching and Learning.


In 2014/15, 84 teachers from 27 Dublin-area secondary schools took the Certificate with a 98% completion rate. In 2015/16, 102 teachers from 80 schools across 16 Dublin postcodes and 19 counties are registered on the Certificate.

These teachers are building a community of practice, with 31 teachers who completed the Certificate in 2014/15 continuing to develop their practice through progression onto a Masters in Education, a Masters of Science in Technology and Learning or a PhD programme.

Teachers who want to develop their ability to use technology successfully in the classroom while also teaching to support the development of 21st-century skills can sign up for our workshops.