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Module Outlines/Learning Outcomes, Prerequisites & Corequisites (to be updated)


Business, Economics, Political Science, Sociology



Code Module Name Prerequisite Corequisite
Prerequisites for JS/SS Modules
BUU22510 Organisational Behaviour BU1511   BUU33660
BUU22520 Principles of Marketing BU1511   BUU33700, BUU33710
BUU22530 Introduction to Accounting BU1511   BUU33520, BUU33530, BUU33730
BUU22550 Introduction to Finance None   BUU33620, BUU33630, BUU33680, BUU33740, BBU44650
BUU22560 Introduction to Operations Management BU1511   BUU33640, BUU44580
BUU22570 Creative Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Action None    
ECU22011 Intermediate Economics A   ECU22012 ECU33011/3012, ECU33021/3022, ECU33031/3022, ECU33051/3052, ECU33071/3072, ECU44000, ECU44021/4022, ECU44023/4024, ECU44031/4032, ECU44033/4034, ECU44061/4062, ECU44063/4064, ECU44071/4072, ECU44073/4074, ECU44081/4082, ECU44083/4084, ECU44091/4092, ECU44093/4094, ECU44101/4102, ECU44103/4104
ECU22012 Intermediate Economics B ECU22011 ECU22011 ECU33011/3012, ECU33021/3022, ECU33031/3022, ECU33051/3052, ECU33071/3072, ECU44000, ECU44021/4022, ECU44023/4024, ECU44031/4032, ECU44033/4034, ECU44061/4062, ECU44063/4064, ECU44071/4072, ECU44073/4074, ECU44081/4082, ECU44083/4084, ECU44091/4092, ECU44093/4094, ECU44101/4102, ECU44103/4104
ECU22021 Economy of Ireland A   ECU22022  
ECU22022 Economy of Ireland B ECU22021 ECU22021  
ECU22031 Mathematical & Statistical Methods A   ECU22032 ECU33011/3012, ECU33051/3052, ECU33081/3082, ECU33091/3092
ECU22032 Mathematical & Statistical Methods B ECU22031 ECU22031 ECU33011/3012, ECU33051/3052, ECU33081/3082, ECU33091/3092
SOU22011 Introduction to Social Research 1   SOU22012 SOU33011/SOU33012, SOU44000
SOU22012 Introduction to Social Research 2 SOU22011 SOU22011 SSOU33011/SOU33012, SOU44000
SOU22021 Gender, Work and Family 1      
SOU22032 Gender, Work and Family 2      
SOU22041 Power, State and Social Movements 1      
SOU22052 Power, State and Social Movements 2      
SOU22061 Social Theory 1   SOU22062 SSOU33011/SOU33012, SOU44000
SOU22062 Social Theory 2 SOU22061 SOU22061 SSOU33011/SOU33012, SOU44000
POU222011 History of Political Thought A: The Greeks to the Renaissance   POU22012 POU44162
POU22012 History of Political Thought B: Modernity and Its Critics POU22011 POU22011 POU44162
POU22021 International Relations A: Theories of International Politics   POU22022 POU44021, POU44032
POU22022 International Relations B: Topics and Treaties POU22021 POU22021 POU44021, POU44032
POU22031 Comparative Politics A: The Comparative Politics of Democracies   POU22032  
POU22032 Comparative Politics B: The Comparative Politics of the Developing World POU22031 POU22031  
LA2012 Aspects of Irish Law in a European Context LA1240   LA3439, LA3445, LA3446
FRU2251Y French Language and Civilisation 2 FR1040    
GRU2250Y BESS German Language 2 GR1004    
SPU2250Y Spanish Grammar and Syntax 2 SP1018    
PLU1200Y Polish Language 2 PLF104    
PLU2201Y Polish for continuing A Level PLF202    
RUU1200Y Russian for continuing Beginner RUF104    
RUU2201Y Russian for continuing A Level RUF202    
RUU23001 Russian Russian Receptive Skills 1 & 2 (Heritage) RUF114    
SS2770 Housing Policy None    
SS2780 Crime and Irish Society None    
SS2783 European Refugee Policy None    
SS2789 Social Policy Topics None    
PIU11023 Central Problems in Philosophy None    
PIU22011 History of Western Philosophy II None    
PIU22023 Logic None    


Code Module Name Prerequisite Corequisite
Prerequisites for JS/SS Modules
BUU33520 Management Accounting for Business Decisions BUU22530    
BUU33530 Financial Accounting BUU22530   BUU44530
BUU33590 Business in Society None    
BUU33600 Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Business Modelling None    
BUU33620 Introduction to Fixed Income Securities & Alternative Investments BUU22550    
BUU33630 Corporate Finance and Equity Valuation BUU22550    
BUU33640 Services Management


BUU33650 Digital Technology in Operations None    
BUU33660 Organisation Theory & Organisational Analysis BUU22510    
BUU33680 Investments BUU22550    
BUU33690 Social Entrepreneurship None    
BUU33700 Contemporary Marketing Management BUU22520   BUU44550
BUU33710 Consumer Behaviour BUU22520   BUU44550
BUU33740 Financial Management BUU22550  
ECU33011 Economic Analysis A EC2110, EC2111 ECU33012 ECU44021, ECU44022
ECU33012 Economic Analysis B EC2110, EC2111 ECU33011 ECU44021, ECU44022
ECU33021 Money and Banking A EC2110, EC2111 & EC2140, EC2141 ECU33022  
ECU33022 Money and Banking B EC2110, EC2111 & EC2140, EC2141 ECU33021  
ECU33031 The European Economy A EC2110, EC2111 ECU33032  
ECU33032 The European Economy B EC2110, EC2111 ECU33031  
ECU33041 Economics of Less Developed Countries A None ECU33042  
ECU33042 Economics of Less Developed Countries B None ECU33041  
ECU33051 Investment Analysis A EC2110, EC2111 & EC2140, EC2141 ECU33052 ECU44041/ECU44042, ECU44043, ECU44044
ECU33052 Investment Analysis B EC2110, EC2111 & EC2140, EC2141 ECU33051 ECU44041/ECU44042, ECU44043, ECU44044
ECU33061 Economics of Policy Issues A None ECU33062  
ECU33062 Economics fo Policy Issues B None ECU33061  
ECU33071 Industrial Economics A EC2110, EC2111 ECU33072  
ECU33072 Industrial Economics B EC2110, EC2111 ECU33071  
ECU33081 Mathematical Economics A EC2140, EC2141 ECU33082 ECU44011/ECU44012, ECU44012/ECU44014, ECU44051/ECU44052, ECU44053/ECU44054
ECU33082 Mathematical Economics B EC2140, EC2141 ECU33081 ECU44011/ECU44012, ECU44012/ECU44014, ECU44051/ECU44052, ECU44053/ECU44054
ECU33091 Econometrics A EC2140, EC2141 ECU33092 ECU44011/ECU44012, ECU44012/ECU44014, ECU44041/ECU44042, ECU44043/ECU44044, ECU44051/ECU44052, ECU44053/ECU44054, ECU44000
ECU33092 Econometrics B EC2140, EC2141 ECU33091 ECU44011/ECU44012, ECU44012/ECU44014, ECU44041/ECU44042, ECU44043/ECU44044, ECU44051/ECU44052, ECU44053/ECU44054, ECU44000
POU33011 Research Methods for Political Scientists A None POU33012 POU44000, POU44010
POU33012 Research Methods for Political Scientists B None POU33011 POU44000, POU44010
POU33021 Irish Politics A: Constitution, Elections, Parties & Parliament None  
POU33032 Irish Politics B: Governance in Ireland, Politics in N. Ireland None PO3130  
POU33041 Political Institutions of the United States None    
POU33051 Democracy and Development A None    
POU33062 Democracy and Development B None    
POU33071 European Union Politics A None    
POU33082 European Union Politics B None    
POU33091 Political Violence A: Theories of Political Violence & Conflict None  
POU33102 Political Violence B:Political Violence & Conflict in Comparative Context None  
POU33111 Public Opinion None    
POU33122 Political Participation None    
POU33132 The European Court of Justice and other Famous Courts None    
POU33142 Personal Career Development Module None    
SOU33011 Researching Society 1 SO2110/SO2111 & SO2160/SO2161 SOU33012 SOU44000
SOU33012 Researching Society 2 SO2110/SO2111 & SO2160/SO2161 SOU33011 SOU44000
SOU33021 Race, Ethnicity and Identity 1 None    
SOU33032 Race, Ethnicity and Identity 2 None    
SOU33041 Social Stratification and Inequalities 1 None    
SOU33052 Social Stratification and Inequalities 2 None    
SOU33061 Comparative Sociology of Europe 1 None    
S0U33072 Comparative Sociology of Europe 2 None    
SOU33081 Globalisation and Development 1 None    
SOU33092 Globalisation and Development 2 None    
LA3439 Public International Law (MT) LA1240    
LA3445 Commercial Law (HT) LA1240 & LA2012    
LA3446 Company Law (HT) LA1240 & LA2012    
SS3383 Life Courses and Evolving Walfare States (MT) None    



Code Module Name Prerequisite Corequisite
BUU444500/BUU44501 Strategic Management: Theory and Practice None  
BUU5544510 International Business and the Global Economy None  
BUU44520 Exploring Organisational Experiences None  
BUU44530 Financial Reporting and Analysis BU3530  
BUU44550 Advances in Marketing Theory and Practice BU3700 & BU3710  
BUU44560 Managing People and Leading Change BU2510, BU3660  
BUU44580 Managing New Product Development BU2560 or equivalent  
BUU44590 Business Dissertation (BBS only) Min II.1 in JS Year  
BUU44620/BUU44621/BUU44622 Social Innovation and Social Impact BU3591 OR BU3690 or equivalent  
BUU44630 Economic Policy and Business History None  
BUU44640 International Finance BU2550  
BUU44650 Derivatives BU2550  
BUU44660 Company and Business Law  
BUU44640 International Finance BU2550  
BUU44670 Audit and Assurance  
ECU44011/ECU44012, ECU44013/ECU44014 Economic Theory A & B EC3110/EC3111 and either EC3180/EC3181 or EC3190/EC3191  
ECU44021/ECU44022, ECU44023/ECU44024 The World Economy A & B EC2110/EC2111  
ECU44031/ECU44032, ECU44033/ECU44034 Development Economics A & B EC2110/EC2111  
ECU44041/ECU44042, ECU44043/ECU44044 Economics of Financial Markets A & B EC3150/EC3151 & EC3190/EC3191  
ECU44051/ECU44052, ECU44053/ECU44054 Quantitative Methods A & B EC3180/EC3181 & EC3190/EC3191  
ECU44061/ECU44062, ECU44063/ECU44064 International Economics A & B EC2110/EC2111  
ECU44071/ECU44072, ECU44073/ECU44074 Economic & Legal Aspects of Competition Policy A & B EC2110/EC2111  
ECU44000 Economics Dissertation EC2110/EC2111 & EC3190/EC3191  
ECU44081/ECU44082, ECU44083/ECU44084 Applied Economics A & B EC2110/EC2111  
ECU44091/ECU44092, ECU44093/ECU44094 History of Economic Thought A & B EC2110/EC2111  
ECU44101/ECU44102, ECU44103/ECU44104 Topics in Political Economy A & B EC2110/EC2111  
POU44000 Political Science Dissertation/Capstone Project PO3110/PO3111  
POU44010 Issues in Contemporary Politics PO3110/PO3111  
POU44021 Contemporary International Relations A PO2140/PO2141  
POU44032 Contemporary International Relations B PO2140/PO2141  
POU44040 African Politics None  
POU44050 Political Psychology None  
POU44061 Autocracy POU44062  
POU44072 Human Rights POU44061  
POU44081 Interest Groups None  
POU44101 Topics: Transparency in Modern Democracies None  
POU44111 Topics: Political Parties None  
POU44122 Topics: Media and Politics None  
POU44132 Topics: Military and Politics None  
POU44141 Economic Inequality and Democracy None  
POU44142 Right Wing Populism in Contemporary Democracies None  
POU44162 Political Theory: Contemporary Topics None  
POU44171 Russian Politics after Communism None  
POU44182 The State: Past, Present and Future None  
POU44191 Advanced Topics in Civil Conflict None  
POU44202 Ethnic Politics and Identity None  
POU44211 Italian Politics None  
POU44222 Electoral Politics None  
SOU44000 Sociology Dissertation SO3140/SO3141, SO2310/SO2311, SO2360/SO2361  
SOU44011/SOU44012/SOU44013/SOU44014 Conflict Studies 1,2,3,4 None  
SOU44021/SOU44022/SOU44023/SOU44024 Social Networks and Digital Lives 1,2,3,4 None  
SOU44051/SOU44052/SOU44053/SOU44054 Labour Markets, Gender and Institutions 1,2,3,4 None  
SOU44061/SOU44062/SOU44063/SOU44064 Migration, Mobilities and Integration 1,2,3,4 None  
SS4722 Poverty, Inequality and Redistribution None