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Social Theory

Module Details for SO22061 Social Theory (Part 1 MT)

Module Code


Module Name

Social Theory

ECTS weighting


Semester/term taught

Michaelmas Term

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply different classical sociological perspectives to various aspects of social life;
  • Critically assess the texts examined during the course;
  • Outline the key debates in classical social theory;
  • Conduct comparative analysis of theorists’ main ideas.

  • Module Content

    The first half of this module introduces key theorists, both classical and more contemporary and explores how these theorists have addressed core themes in sociological inquiry. The course will explore how social theories seek to explain social change, and critically examine ideas about the individual and society, social conflict, and the nature of sociology.

    Recommended Reading List

    There are multiple copies of these books in the library.

    • Calhoun, C. et al (eds.) 2012. Contemporary Sociological Theory. Wiley Blackwell. (3rd ed.). Calhoun, C. 2007. Classical Sociological Theory. (2nd ed). Malden, MA: Blackwell Ritzer, G. 2008. Sociological theory. (7th ed.) Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. McIntosh, I. 1997. Classical Sociological Theory: A Reader. Edinburgh: Edinburgh Uni. Press. Lemert, C. 2004. Social Theory: The multicultural and classic readings (3rd ed.) Boulder: Westview Press

    Assessment Details

    The assessment for this module is a 1,500 word essay worth 80% of the final grade and student attendance and participation in tutorials worth 20% of the final grade