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Module Details for SOU33081 Globalisation and Development

Module Code


ECTS weighting


Semester/term taught

Term 1

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module students should be able to: 

    • Critically discuss concepts like globalisation, development, neo-liberalism, institutionalism;
    • Compare and contrast different development strategies and practices in India, China and Brazil;
    • Engage in current policy debates around globalisation and development;
    • Improve their writing, problem-solving, debating and policy assessment skills.

Module Content

The idea of economic growth has underpinned mainstream thinking on Globalization and Development. But with the twin and connected challenges of climate change and soaring inequalities bearing down on us, the theories and practices which have shaped the economy, society and polity need to be reevaluated. To this end, we will investigate the meanings and measurements associated with neoliberalism and economic growth. We will explore additional approaches to societal coordination which can provide theoretical and practical approaches to those twin challenges of climate change and inequities. Specifically, we incorporate an institutional perspective which makes sense of the institutions as currently constituted but also points to how change can be achieved, based on a realistic understanding of human motivation and sustainability.

Assessment Details

Coursework 80%

presentation 20%




















Module Details for SO3131 Globalisation and Development (Part 2 HT)