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Launch of Migrant Activism and Integration From Below in Ireland - edited by Ronit Lentin and Elena Moreo

Apr 03, 2012


Employing the term 'migrant-led activism' to encompass a range of activities and policy interventions that migrant-led groups in Ireland engage in, this book critically analyses the interaction between migrant activists and leaders and the state of the Republic of Ireland – a late player in Europe's immigration regime. The book, by a team of researchers based in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland,sets out an evidence-based critique of state and societal discourses of integration to provide a nuanced migrant-inspired discussion of processes of 'integration from below' against the background of an increasingly restrictive immigration regime.

Through lobbying, advocacy, outreach, information, support, as well as campaigns against racism and discriminations, the migrant-led associations discussed in this book not only provide essential services but also participate in policy debates around issues that affect migrants, implement strategies of cultural adaptation and resistance, create opportunities for individual and community advancement, and provide a platform for disadvantaged segments of the population to become visible. The migrant-led associations studied all aim at facilitating migrants' integration from below' in Ireland, displaying a community oriented focus.