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Seminar Series 2016-17

Hilary Term

All are welcome to attend the Sociology Department Research Seminar Series

  • Time: Wednesday 15.00-16.00
  • Venue: 6th Floor, Conference Room, College Green Trinity College Dublin
Date Name Presentation Title


Ms Philomena Mullen (TCD)

Ms Sorcha Farrell (TCD)

Identity and Belonging in Ireland for mixed-race Irish women who grew up in the Irish institutional care system

Managing ethical considerations while researching vulnerable patient groups: glioma patient experiences of taking part in research interviews


Ms Natalie Morningstar (Cambridge University)

Gentrification and the Marketing of Art and Innovation: The Aesthetics of 'Regeneration' Infrastructure in Dublin Division of Social Anthropology

01/02/2017 Mr Ciaran Devlin (TCD) Gender and Sexuality through the Screen: Using video games to tackle Misogyny and Homophobia
08/02/2017 Dr David Ralph The unsung heroes of Ireland’: Intersections of class and gender among male Euro-commuters between the Republic of Ireland and the EU Affiliation
15/02/2017 Dr Mairead Finn Immigration and the private rented Sector: Process, Place and Meaning in a Rural Irish Town



Dr Moris Triventi (University of Trento)

What is driving the gender wage gap among higher education graduates? A comparative analysis in Europe



Mr John Clarke (TCD)

Gaming for Peace: Developing pro-social behaviours using interactive video games in the field of Conflict Prevention and Peace-Building - a new hope or false dawn?


Ms Kelsey Gonzalez (TCD)

Ms Sinead Whiting (TCD)

The Construction of Immigrant Youth Identities: The impact of Socialisation and School Environments in the Republic of Ireland

Late Adoption from Long Term Foster Care and the meaning of Shifting Identities


Dr Matthew Creighton (UCD)

State, Race and Religion: The Role of Social Distance in Masking Ant

Ms Sara Singleton (TCD)

Ms Carla Petautschnig Arancibia (TCD)

What Influences the Propensity to Cooperate Among Peace Keepers? An Experimental Study

In search of reflexive agency in the era of conditional welfare and activation policies: Life-projects and internal conversation of recipients of the Back to Work Family Dividend scheme

05/04/2017 Prof Daniel Faas Religious Education in Ireland: Exploring the Responses of Community National Schools


Michaelmas Term

All are welcome to attend the Sociology Department Research Seminar Series:

  • Time: 15.00 - 16.00
  • Venue: AB5012, 5th Floor,Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin

For further information, please contact Dr Richard Layte

Date Name Presentation Title


Dr Peter Muhlau TCD

The Economics of Language and Gender


Prof. Irene Bloemraad TCD

Theorizing Immigrant Incorporation and Mapping the Research Landscape


Ms Egle Gusciute

Who is Against Immigration and Why? Determinants of Anti-Immigration Attitudes in Europe



Dr Jan Skopek

Educational Reproduction of Men and Women: Evidence from West and East Germany



Dr Merike Darmody

The Provision of RE and Ethics in Irish Primary Schools


Professor Richard Layte

Moving beyond Income Inequality: Social Cohesion and Residential Segregation in Ireland

16/11/2016 Dr Jose Antonio Gutierrez Warfare Makes States, Irregular Warfare Makes...


Ms Inga Sabanova

Mothers' dispositions: Values, norms and opportunities


Prof Anne Holohan

Gaming for Peace

14/12/2016 Prof Padraig Carmody ''BRICS Resource and Market Access in Southern Africa: the Zambian Case