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Dr. Padraig O Riagain
Visiting Research Fellow, C.L.C.S.


I am a Visiting Research Fellow in CLCS, and Professor Emeritus of Sociology of Language. Previously I held the post of Research Professor (Sociology of Language) at the Institiúid Teangeolaíochta Éireann (Linguistics Institute of Ireland) for twenty six years. In that time, I directed a series of sociolinguistic surveys at national, regional and local levels and published research reports and papers on topics arising from this research.

In addition, I was a Member of the Committee on Irish Language Attitudes Research, appointed by the Minister of Finance in 1970. I was also Member of the Advisory Planning Committee, appointed by Bord na Gaeilge (Irish Language Board) in 1986, which prepared and published a range of reports on language planning topics.

Internationally, I was appointed a member a member of the Scientific Committee for the 'Euromosaic' project sponsored by the EU 1993-4, and subsequently principal contractor and project co-ordinator of several other Minority language contracts commissioned by the Commission's DGXXII. These contracts also involved partners in Catalonia, Wales, The Basque Region, Galicia and Friesland.

Since 1996, I have been a Consultant/Advisor to the Council of Europe and OSCE on a number of scientific committees, projects and missions relating to language policy and minority rights issues in post-Soviet member states in Central and Eastern Europe and Transcaucasia.

Following my retirement in 2007, I was appointed Research Associate in CLCS.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Expertise


Sociology of Language, Language Policy, Sociology of European Minorities, Globalisation, Bilingualism, Multicultural Society, Cultural Identity, Surveys and Survey Research, Bilingual Education.


  • Title
    • The Irish Language in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the First Decade of the Twenty First Century: A Review of Census and Survey Evidence.
  • Summary
    • Utilising primary data collected by the author in an All-Ireland survey, together with secondary national data obtained under licence from national, UK and European data archives, the study will provide an integrated statistical overview of the evidence relating to the incidence in the two adult populations of speaking and other skills in Irish, the degree to which Irish is used in home and community life, and public attitudes to the Irish language and to policies to promote it.
  • Funding Agency
    • Foras na Gaeilge
  • Date From
    • March 2009
  • Date To
    • December 2011


Sociology of Language



Member, Committee on Irish Language Attitudes Research (Department of Finance). 1970-75

Member, Advisory Planning Committee (Bord na Gaeilge). 1984-88

Member, Steering Committee, Modern Languages Project, Royal Irish Academy. 1982-90

Review editor, Language, Culture and Curriculum. 1987-97

Member, Scientific Committee, "Euromosaic" project, European Commission (DGXXII) 1993-5

Member, International Advisory Committee, Language Policy Research Centre, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. 1995 - Present

Member, Scientific Committee (Language Education Policies), Council of Europe. 1999-2002

Member, Editorial Board, NOVES SL, Revista de Sociolinguística, Barcelona. 2003-present

Member, Scientific Committee, Sociolinguistics Seminar 16 2006

Member, Scientific Committee, Sociolinguistics Seminar 17 2007