The sustainable and efficient management of our resources, infrastructures and our environment is a major concern in Ireland and throughout the world. To address this concern, the underlying science, engineering and socioeconomics of transport, energy and the environment are the focus of a broad spectrum of research activities in Trinity.

International recognition of the quality of our research in the fields of transport, energy and environment has enabled us to meet our commitment to recruiting world class researchers and postgraduate students and maintain outstanding research facilities and infrastructure. In Trinity College Dublin over 60 principal investigators and their research groups are engaged in cutting-edge research, global collaboration and innovative interaction with industrial partners and other groups.

Our research is supported through grant aid from diverse sources including the European Union, Science Foundation Ireland, the Higher Education Authority and Government agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture.

This major research area includes the following themes:

  • Transport
    • Transport infrastructure design and construction
    • ICT in Transport
    • Transport modelling
  • Energy
    • Energy resources
    • Energy utilisation
  • Environment
  • Environmental change
  • Biodiversity
  • Environmental engineering
  • Environmental governance and sustainability