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Aneta Stepien
Visiting Research Fellow, Centre fro European Studies


Aneta Stępień holds a doctoral degree in Comparative Literature (2014) from the University of Surrey and MA in Polish Studies from the University of Warsaw, where she also obtained a diploma of Polish Lektor. She has been teaching Polish language and culture since 2003, working with refugees for PAH (humantiarian organization) and teaching at the "Polnicum" Center at the University of Warsaw. Before joining the Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies in 2013, she taught at the University of Surrey and, between 2007-2010, at the University of Glasgow. Her teaching in Trinity includes contemporary Polish literature and film, gender and Holocaust, and European Studies.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

'"Folk-lore", Modernism and Psychoanalysis in the Works of Isaac Bashevis Singer' in, editor(s)Olaf Terpitz and Marianne Windsperger , Places and Media of Encounters. Transfer, Mediality and Situativity of Jewish Literatures. , Brill (in press), 2018, [Aneta Stępień] Book Chapter, 2018

Aneta Stępień,, 'Using Memes to Extinguish Sexism'., NOTCHES, Blog on Histories of Sexuality, (13 March), 2018 Journal Article, 2018 URL

Aneta Stepien, Prick-lit and prick-politics. Philip Roth's Jewish masculinity in JFK's America, Masculinity in Writing and Politics., University of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, 15 June 2017, 2017 Conference Paper, 2017

Aneta Stępień, Shame, Masculinity and Desire of Belonging. Reading Contemporary Male Writers. , Bern, Peter Lang, 2017, vii - 293pp Book, 2017

Aneta Stepien, The Role of the Association of Jewish Writers and Journalists in Warsaw in Interwar Poland. The Perspectives of Isaac Bashevis Singer and Zusman Segalovitsh, Irish Slavonic Studies, 26, 2017, p177 - 194 Journal Article, 2017

Aneta Stepien, Association of Jewish Writers and Journalists in Warsaw, 1916-1939, 40th Annual Conference of IARCEES. Individuals and Institutions in Europe and Eurasia, University of Maynooth, 6 - 8 May 2016, 2016 Conference Paper, 2016

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Aneta Stepien, Modernism, diaspora and the body in the autobiographical works of Isaac Bashevis Singer, Places and Media of Encounters. Transfer, Mediality and Situativity of Jewish Literature, International Comparative Literature Association XXIst Congress, University of Vienna, 26 - 27 July 2016, 2016 Conference Paper, 2016

Aneta Stepien, The good change in Poland, Behind the Headlines: Undermining Democracy: Challenges to Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe, Trinity College Dublin, 14 June , 2016, Trinity Long Room Hub Invited Talk, 2016 URL

Aneta Stepien, "Sex and the Shtetl: Jewish/Yiddish masculinity and sexuality on the basis of Isaac Bashevis Singer's novel The Manor (1967)." , Sex, shtetl and Singer,sex-shtetl-and-singer/, The Institute of Polish Culture of the University of Warsaw, 27 May, 2015, The Institute of Polish Culture of the University of Warsaw Invited Talk, 2015

Aneta Stepien, Eros and Tragedy: Jewish Male Fantasies and the Masculine Revolution of Zionism, by Ofer Nordheimer Nur , Masculinities: A Journal of Identity and Culture, (3), 2015 Review, 2015

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Aneta Stepien, Sex in the shtetl: what sexual underworlds in the fiction of Isaac Bashevis Singer tell us about the politics of sexuality in Yiddish culture, Sex and Sexuality in East-Central Europe: Past and Present, Central European University, Budapest, 16-17 October 2015, 2015 Conference Paper, 2015

Television, Modesty, Pornography , Merril D. Smith , Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast , Rowman & Littlefield, 2014, pp166-168;195-198; 233-235 , [Aneta Stepien] Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, 2014

Aneta Stepien, Understanding Male Shame , Masculinities. A Journal of Identity and Culture., 1, (1), 2014, p7 - 28 Journal Article, 2014 URL

Aneta Stepien, The flesh of shame: representation of collective and individual shame in Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki Raz. Dwa. Trzy, Shame and Shaming in Twentieth Century History, Max Plank Institute, Berlin, 07-08 December 2012, 2012 Conference Paper, 2012

Research Expertise


Gender studies, Polish literature of the 19th and 20th century and its intersections with history and memory, Jewish/Yiddish studies, legacies of the first wave of feminism, history and culture of East and Central Europe.


Awards and Honours

Trinity Long Room Hub Research Incentive Scheme 2015-16

Irish Research Council New Foundations 2014

PhD scholarship; Polish Ministry of Higher Education and Science 2010


IARCEES, Irish Association for Russian, Central and East European Studies May 2014 – present

International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS) 2015

EAHS, The European Association for Holocaust Studies November 2017 – present