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Dr. Christine Morgenstern
Visiting Research Fellow, Law

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Human Rights and Rehabilitative Work in Criminal Justice in, editor(s)P. Raynor, F McNeill, F. Taxman, H. Graham and P. Ugwudike , Routledge companion to rehabilitative work in criminal justice, Abingdon, Routledge, 2019, [Morgenstern, Christine] Book Chapter, 2019

The 'stain of conviction' - Penal Theory, Fundamental Rights and Criminal Records in Germany in, editor(s)S. Meijer, H. Annison, A. O'Loughlin , Fundamental Rights and Legal Consequences of Criminal Conviction, London, Hart Publishing, 2019, pp65 - 86, [Christine Morgenstern] Book Chapter, 2019

Einsperren oder nicht? Die Anordnung von Untersuchungshaft in, editor(s)K. Boers, M. Schaerff , Kriminologische Welt in Bewegung., Mönchengladbach, Forum Verlag, 2018, pp552 - 558, [Christine Morgenstern] Book Chapter, 2018

Morgenstern, Christine, Towards Pre-trial detention as ultima ratio - 2nd German National Report on Expert Interviews, Vienna, 2018, 110 Report, 2018 URL

Dünkel, Frieder; Morgenstern, Christine, The monitoring of prisons in German law and practice, Crime Law and Social Change , 70, (3), 2018, p93 - 112 Journal Article, 2018 DOI

Fairness and Offender's Rights in the Breach Process: European Perspectives. in, editor(s)Boone, M., Maguire, N. , The Enforcement of Offender Supervision in Europe. Understanding Breach Processes. , London, Routledge, 2017, pp19 - 38, [Morgenstern, Christine, Murillo, Consuelo, Ravagnani, Louisa] Book Chapter, 2017

Morgenstern, Christine; Kromrey, Hans, Towards Pre - trial Detention as Ultima Ratio: FIrst Report on Germany, Vienna, 2017, 53 Report, 2017 URL

Monitoring prisons in Germany: the role of the European Court of Human Rights. in, editor(s)Cliquennois, G., de Suremain, H. , Monitoring Penal Policy in Europe, London, Routledge, 2017, pp21 - 36, [Morgenstern, Christine, Dünkel, Frieder] Book Chapter, 2017

Walter Hammerschick, Christine Morgenstern, Skirmantas Bikelis, Miranda Boone, Ioan Durnescu, Alexia Jonckheere, Joep Lindeman, Eric Maes, Mary Rogan , Towards Pre-trial detention as ultima ratio - Comparative Report, Vienna, 2017, 81 Report, 2017

"Der Resozialisierungsgrundsatz"- Social Reintegration as the dominant narrative for community punishment in Germany? in, editor(s)Robinson, G., McNeill, F. , Community Punishment. A European Perspective., London, Routledge, 2015, pp72 - 94, [Christine Morgenstern] Book Chapter, 2015

Conditional release in Germany - who decides? And who really does? in, editor(s)Herzog-Evans, M. , Offender Release and Supervision: The Role of Courts and the use of Discretion, Nijmegen, Wolf Legal Publishers, 2015, pp109 - 135, [Morgenstern, Christine] Book Chapter, 2015

A European Perspective on Inmates' Perceptions of Safety, in, editor(s)Reeves, Carla , Experiencing Imprisonment: research on the experience of living and working in carceral institutions., London, Routledge, 2015, pp137 - 155, [Drenkhahn, Kirstin, Morgenstern, Christine ] Book Chapter, 2015

Alternatives to Pre-trial Detention. in, editor(s)Bruinsma, G., Weisburd, D. , Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Heidelberg et al., Springer, 2014, pp68 - 75, [Christine Morgenstern] Book Chapter, 2014

International Human Rights Standards and Community Sanctions. in, editor(s)Bruinsma, G., Weisburd, D. , Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Heidelberg et al., Springer, 2014, pp2614 - 2623, [Morgenstern, Christine, van Zyl Smit, Dirk] Book Chapter, 2014

Morgenstern, Christine, Robinson, Gwen, Consent and cooperation of the unfree: Introduction to the special issue, European Journal of Probation, 2014, p203 - 208 Journal Article, 2014 DOI

European Norms, Policy and Practice in, editor(s)McNeill, F., Beyens, K. , Offender Supervision in Europe, Basingstoke, Palgrave McMillan, 2013, pp125 - 154, [Morgenstern, Christine, Larrauri, Elena] Book Chapter, 2013

Remand Detention in Europe: Comparative and Pan-European Aspects as Elements of a Wider European Penology. in, editor(s)Daems, Tom, Snacken, Sonja, van Zyl Smit, Dirk , European Penology?, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2013, pp185 - 207, [Morgenstern, Christine] Book Chapter, 2013

Drenkhahn, Kirstin, Morgenstern, Christine, van Zyl Smit, Dirk, What is in a name? Preventive Detention in Germany in the Shadow of European Human Rights Law, Criminal Law Review, (3), 2012, p167 - 187 Journal Article, 2012

Morgenstern, Christine, Judicial Rehabilitation in Germany - The Use of Criminal Records and the Removal of Recorded Convictions, European Journal of Probation, 3, (1), 2012, p20 - 35 Journal Article, 2012 DOI

van Kalmthout, Anton, Knapen, Marije, Morgenstern, Christine, Pre-trial Detention in the European Union, Nijmegen, Wolf Legal Publishers, 2009 Book, 2009

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Risiko - Prävention - Prognose: Im Zweifel Kontrolle. in, editor(s)Strafverteidigervereinigungen , Räume der Unfreiheit. ERgebnisband des 42. Strafverteidigertags in Münster, 2.-4.3.2018, Berlin, Strafverteidigervereinigungen, 2018, pp171 - 202, [Christine Morgenstern] Book Chapter, 2018