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Trinity EngAGE is Ireland's global Centre for excellence in Ageing research, advancing partnerships between researchers, industry, government and non-governmental organisations in order to launch transformative educational programmes, clinical interventions, evidence-informed policies, and innovative technologies.

In 1979, Trinity College created the first academic appointments in Ageing. In 1988, Mercer's Institute for Research on Ageing was established at St. James's Hospital, which was the first Institute for research on Ageing in Ireland. In 1996, Trinity established the first chair in Medical Gerontology and, in 1999, the first Department of Medical Gerontology within the Republic of Ireland. Leaders across sectors went on to establish the Trinity Consortium on Ageing, in 2004, and this transitioned to Trinity EngAGE in 2012.

Today, Trinity EngAGE coordinates the efforts of hundreds of Principal Investigators from around the world who are leading multi-disciplinary and international teams with expertise in brain ageing, stroke, heart disease, frailty, population health, falls and syncope, mental health, nursing end-of-life-care, elder abuse, intellectual disabilities, biomedical engineering, smart cities, pensions and financial security. Our efforts span the fields of biology, public health, medicine, informatics, macroeconomics, finance, urban planning, architecture, engineering, globalisation, law, sociology, business, philosophy and art.

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Last updated 7 December 2015