Where do we fit in? The process of integration — local, national, European and International is one by which nations are becoming increasingly interdependent in terms of economic, business, social, cultural and political linkages – and is among the most prominent forces shaping the world today. In addition to the intellectual challenge in understanding this process, it also is centrally important in determining effective policies at local, national, European and global levels of governance.

Trinity College Dublin has established an international reputation for research on European and Global integration. Trinity's researchers in the social sciences have established world-class reputations in fields such as international macroeconomics, the historical antecedents of globalisation and the political science of how globalisation is affecting party politics at national and cross-national levels. Trinity has established a significant
international research profile in international finance, international business and the analysis of global networks, while closer to home a focus on research relevant to national policy issues and social cohesion spans the life course in Ireland – from children's research to the Trinity consortium on aging.

An important element of our research is to understand the process of European integration. Beyond its intrinsic importance, the European experience also provides important lessons about the prospects for further integration in other regions and at a global level, especially in regard to the construction of cross-national political institutions. Trinity's activities in this domain are having significant international impact.

In Trinity College Dublin's European and International Integration Research we focus on two major strategic themes :

  • Globalisation
  • Migration

With the full breadth of social science disciplines underpinning our interdisciplinary activity.