What makes us who we are? What contributes to our innovation, creativity, the enigmatic mix of Irish identity born of our unique heritage? Arts and Humanities are a jewel in Trinity's research crown. In the 2007 THES World University Rankings, Trinity College Dublin was placed 37th in the world for Arts and Humanities research. Trinity's library, the Long Room, is one of the ten great libraries of the world. Its treasures are at the beating heart of a vibrant research community which continues a tradition of celebrating the individual scholar, and of the power of these individuals to change the course of scholarship and the life of the mind itself.

Trinity's research activities in the Arts & Humanities stems from our scholars who are engaged in exploring the human condition – broadening understanding though research and study, while enhancing access to the Trinity's unique collections and materials spanning 6 millennia of human development. The application of new technologies through specific and meaningful collaborations in the domain of digital humanities is transforming research methodologies and bringing new understanding to our past.

In Trinity College Dublin's Culture & Creative Arts Research we focus on two major strategic themes:

  • Ireland – Texts and Contexts, including the sub-themes of: Irish, International and Comparative Studies of Literature and History; Art History; Languages of Ireland; Contemporary Irish History; and the Creative Arts
  • Constructions of Europe, including the sub-themes of: Roots; Imagining Europe; Communications and Networks; Memory and History; Empires, Colonization, Migration and Exile; and Religion, Values, and Liberal Society

With the full breadth of arts and humanities disciplines underpinning our interdisciplinary activity.