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Research and scholarship are integral to the activities of each of the three academic units of the Confederal School of Religions, Peace Studies and Theology, with different but inter-related research strengths and thematic priorities within each unit. Staff are actively engaged in individual and collaborative research projects and are committed to research that makes an original contribution to knowledge, that informs public policy and that benefits civil society and religious transformation in Ireland and internationally.  The School as a whole offers a Long Room Hub lecture series on Religion(s), Ethics and Cultural Engagement, with visiting international scholars and school staff contributions.

Trinity Centre for Biblical Studies

The Trinity Centre for Biblical Studies includes members from all three units within the School and from the wider Faculty, providing a focus for a range of research activities and projects in this discipline. In keeping with the growing breadth of biblical studies as a discipline and the range of expertise and interests at Trinity, the Centre promotes research in a variety of areas, including the study of the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Judaism, the New Testament and Early Christianity, the Bible in Late Antiquity and the Medieval Period and the Bible in the Arts and the Contemporary World. Within these broad and sometimes overlapping research areas, staff, postgraduate students and research associates of the Centre work both individually and collaboratively on larger projects. In addition to the publications produced by those associated with the Centre, research is shared by means of symposia, conferences and other academic events. For more information on how to get involved in the Centre’s research, contact the current Director.

Department of Religions and Theology:

The Department of Religions and Theology has research strengths in Biblical Studies, Christian theology, Ethics and Religious Studies.

Regular Postgraduate Research Seminars are held in the Department, at which research students meet to analyse classical and contemporary authors and to discuss each others' work.

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Irish School of Ecumenics:

The Irish School of Ecumenics is engaged in research on a wide variety of themes related to the core interests of the School in ecumenical theology, intercultural theology and inter-religious studies (especially Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism); peacebuilding, non-violent theory and praxis, conflict resolution and reconciliation. These include topics such as the role of religion in violence and peace, the international politics of human trafficking, geopolitics and identity politics, the Emerging Church Movement, cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue on God, international intervention in ethnic conflict, theological engagement with religious fundamentalism, and truth, memory and justice in post-conflict societies. The ISE is also leading a number of collaborative research projects funded by the Irish government and the EU, such as “Visioning 21st Century Ecumenism” and “Translating Gods”.

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The Loyola Institute:

The Loyola Institute is established with specific research interests in theology in the Catholic tradition at the intersection between religion and society and with a particular interest in using its resources for contemporary debates.

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