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Welcome to the Confederal School of Religions, Peace Studies and Theology which brings together three distinct academic entities: the Department of Religions and Theology; the Irish School of Ecumenics (Dublin and Belfast); and the Loyola Institute. Located in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Confederal School engages with such diverse areas as, biblical studies, theology, ethics, religious studies, international peace studies, reconciliation, as independent but related disciplinary fields.

In the spheres of Biblical Studies, Theology, Ethics, Religious Studies, and Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies, approaches within the Confederal School are at once distinctive and intersecting; non-denominational, ecumenical-interreligious, and from the particular perspective of the Catholic tradition. The School’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses explore the origins and the encounters between religions and with the cultures and political systems of different eras, from their roots in antiquity to the present day. They investigate the intellectual, linguistic, institutional and ethical resources developed in historical and current interactions and conflicts, and apply them to the challenges and opportunities societies face in a global age.

The Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation field within the Confederal School draws postgraduate students with interests in broader disciplinary domains: in the Social Sciences; including International Relations, Development Studies, Sociology, Politics and Gender Studies; and from the broad field of Arts and Humanities; including Philosophy, History, Ethics and Intercultural Studies; making for a dynamic, creative learning and research environment characterized by theoretical, dialogical and practical approaches and further enhanced by internship opportunities.



Contact us

Dept. of Religions and Theology

Religions and Theology Banner

Ms Jane Welch,
Tel. +353 1 896 1297.



Irish School of Ecumenics: Ecumenics banner

Ms Aideen Woods,
Tel. +353 1 896 4770.

(For application enquiries about particular Master and Ph.D. courses, please see for the appropriate personal point of contact in Dublin or Belfast ).


Loyola Institute: Loyola Banner

Ms Helen McMahon,
Tel. +353 1 896 4790.


Last updated 19 January 2017 (Email).