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Gillian Wylie - Athena Swan Co-Champion/Chair

Gillian is an assistant professor in International Peace Studies and course coordinator for the PG Diploma in Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies. Much of her teaching and research focuses on gender issues as they shape politics, peace and conflict. She has served on the School Executive - previously as Head of Discipline in the Irish School of Ecumenics and currently as Global Relations Director for the School of Religion, Theology and Peace Studies. She's also the mother of three teenage boys.

Etain Tannam - Athena Swan Co-Champion/Chair

Etain is associate professor in International Peace Studies, as well as course coordinator. Her research interests are in the areas of Northern Ireland and British-Irish relations, including the impact of Brexit, international organizations and conflict resolution, United Nations and European Union politics. She has provided expertise for governmental bodies and committees in Ireland and the UK, as well extensive media commentary. In 2020 she was elected to Fellowship of Trinity College Dublin.

Linda Hogan

Linda is an ethicist with extensive experience in research and teaching in pluralist and multi-religious contexts. Her primary research interests lie in the fields of inter-cultural and inter-religious ethics, social and political ethics, human rights and gender. In addition to her academic expertise, she has spent 5 years as the Vice-Provost/Chief Academic Officer and Deputy President at Trinity College Dublin.

Dong Jin Kim

Dong-Jin Kim is Irish School of Ecumenics Senior Fellow in Peace and Reconciliation Studies. He is a Goodwill Ambassador for Peace on the Korean Peninsula, Ministry of Unification, Republic of Korea, and has also been working as a policy advisor for the Korean Peacebuilding NGOs including the Korean Sharing Movement (KSM) and Okedongmu Children in Korea (OKCK). He is the father of a teenage boy.

Jacob J Erickson

Jake is Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics in the School of Religion, Theology, and Peace Studies. He's served as Director of Research, chair of the School Research Ethics Committee, and chair of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Faculty Research Ethics Committee. His research focuses on constructive theology and climate change, queer theory and ecological politics. He's passionate about LGBTQ+ justice, and spoke about the intersection of faith and sexuality at the opening of Dublin Pride in 2018.

Bríd O’Brien

Bríd is an Assistant Librarian based in the specialist library of the Belfast campus of the School of Religion, Theology, and Peace Studies. She has worked in Trinity College since 2003, supporting students taking the MPhil in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation and postgraduate research.

Seungeun Chung

I’m a PhD candidate of International Peace Studies. I have focused on gender issues in the post-conflict peacebuilding process. My master thesis focused on a concept of gendered security as a framework for designing and implementing a more gender-sensitive and a comprehensive peacebuilding process. The current research is about the impact of peacekeeping experience on the masculine identity of soldiers who serve in the peacekeeping operations. Considering that every peacekeeping mission involves military personnel, regardless of using armed forces, and that problems caused by peacekeepers’ misbehavior such as sexual exploitation and abuse against the local women are still prevalent, I think it is necessary to explore the construction of soldier’s militarized masculinity and how it is changed, and reshaped by peacekeeping missions.