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Professor Siobhan Garrigan
Loyola Professor of Catholic Theology, School of Religion

Academic Qualifications

Ph.D. (2001) Milltown Institute of Philosophy & Theology, Dublin, Ireland. S.T.M. (1992) Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University, New York City, USA. B.A.Hons (1990) Oxford University, England.


Siobhán came to Trinity in 2014 from the University of Exeter. Prior to that, she worked at Yale University, the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and the Open University (Ireland). She teaches theology with a particular concentration on issues of social justice. By looking at theology's role in social and political difficulty, her research aims to highlight the many ways theology can also foster dialogue across the boundaries of difference, particularly regarding ecumenism, poverty and matters of identity, such as gender and racial discrimination.

Research Interests

Siobhán’s most recent book is The Real Peace Process: Worship, Politics and the End of Sectarianism, a study of the work yet to be done to change hearts and minds regarding the Irish-British conflict in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Her next two books are: A Brief Theology of Home, a theoretical response to the practical experience of contemporary homelessness, and Theology and Song, a study of the sonic theologies of Irish traditional music.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Siobhan Garrigan, Keynote - Capitalist Christianity and the Paradox of Women"s Power, The Globalization of the Culture Wars? Religion, Gender, and Politics in the Public Square, Edinburgh, 10 November 2022, edited by Rachel Muers and Ulrich Schmeidel Conference Paper,

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Siobhán Garrigan, Street Homelessness and Catholic Theology - Review Symposium, Review of JamStreet Homelessness and Catholic Theological Ethics New York: Orbis Books. pp.320. €40.65, by James F. Keenan and Mark McGreevy (Eds) , European Journal of Homelessness, 14, (1), 2020, p178-181 Review, 2020

Teresa of Avila in, editor(s)Ian Markham , The Blackwells Companion to the Theologians, Oxford, Blackwells, 2009, pp375 - 389, [Siobhán Garrigan] Book Chapter, 2009

Siobhán Garrigan, Worship in a Violent World: Deconstructing Ordinary Liturgies, Reflections, 91, (1), 2004, p45 - 49 Journal Article, 2004

Siobhán Garrigan, Eat, Drink, ALL? of you., The Furrow, 53, (11), 2002, p606 - 611 Journal Article, 2002

Siobhán Garrigan, Putting Life into Liturgy, The Furrow, 51, (2), 2000, p80 - 86 Journal Article, 2000

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Siobhán Garrigan, Christian Imaginings of Home: Political Theology after Nationalism, Political Theologies after Christendom, Oxford (Blavatnik Institute), 26 - 30 March 2023, edited by Marietta van ver Tol Conference Paper,

Research Expertise


anti-capitalism; anti-racism; Catholic Theology; Critical theory and Theology; Ecumenical Worship; Feminist theology and philosophy; Homelesness; How race and racism are treated in Theology and Religion; Interfaith worship; LGBTQ Theologies; Liturgy, Worship and Ritual; neo-liberalism; Religion and the media; Religion in Ireland and Northern Ireland; sectarianism; social justice; Theology; Theology and Public Life; Theology and Social Justice; Theology and the Arts