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LIMINAL SPACES, IMAGES AND TEXTS 12–14 June 2019, Trinity College Dublin

In the wake of a renewed interest in the theoretical framework developed by Arnold Van Gennep and Victor Turner, the third Interdisciplinary Fall Studies Workshop will focus on liminality as an aspect of falling. Further to Gennep’s theory on liminality as an intermediate, ambivalent social zone, Turner regarded liminality as being characteristic of inter-structural, “betwixt and between” situations, of ambiguity and transition.

The workshop intends to look at the ambivalent potential of the liminal condition. It will engage scholars from a variety of disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and explore the manifold ways in which liminality — the gap between the worlds —articulates, shapes, defines or serves the development of individuals, societies and cultures. A selection of the papers presented will be published in the proceedings.