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LIMINAL SPACES, IMAGES AND TEXTS 12–14 June 2019, Trinity College Dublin

Mind the Gap — Workshop Programme 12-14 June 2019, Trinity College, Dublin

12 June (Day 1)

12.30 pm–1.00 pm Meet and Greet

1.00 pm–1.15 pm Welcome

Panel 1: Marginalized Communities - 1.15 pm–3.00 pm

Chair: Sandra Cardarelli

Eric Ziolkowski (Lafayette College, Pennsylvania): Liminal dialogues: a Jewish interviewee in King Pedro of Aragon's court

Michael T. Miller (Liverpool Hope University): The African Hebrew Israelite Community and the Theology of Marginalisation

Patrick J.S. Brittenden (Regent’s Park College, Oxford): Christian identity in the Muslim-background Church of Algeria

Panel 2: Religious Spaces: The Church - 3.30 pm–4.40 pm

Chair: Michael MacKay

Topher Endress (University of Aberdeen): Church hubs and LAE as liminal expressions

Jamie Ingram (University of Southampton): Liminal space and liminal place: the medieval church porch

Special Event

5.00–6.00 pm Graeme Nixon (University of Aberdeen): A mindful gap: Mindfulness and liminality (for participants only)

6.30 pm Dinner for participants

13 June (Day 2)

Keynote lecture - 9.00 am–10.30 am

Prof. Alison Scott Baumann, Centre of Islamic Studies in the Near and Middle East Department at SOAS: Bridging the gap to recognise others: why the liberal project is still alive

Panel 3: Performing Arts I - 11.00 am–12.10 pm

Chair: Eric Ziolkowski

Lise Olsen (University of Aberdeen): In-between the Soundwalk - The in-between walking and listening experience

Pauline Brooks (Liverpool John Moores University), Creating in the liminal performance space between live and digital dance worlds – with specific reference to the Dance work Falling

12.10 pm–1.45 pm Lunch for participants only

2.00–3.00 pm Book of Kells tour (for participants only)

Panel 4: Performing Arts II - 3.30 pm–4.40 pm

Chair: Alexandra Grieser

Yu-Chun Chen (University of Roehampton): A creative gap: become and becoming a dancer in the Taipei Dance Circle.

Michele Avis Feder-Nadoff (Independent Anthropologist and Artist – Mexico): The Liminal and Contingent in Artisan Agency and Performance: The Coppersmiths of Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, Mexico

Panel 5: On the Verge of Society - 5.10 pm–5.45 pm

Chair: Graeme Nixon

Maria Antonietta Struzziero (Independent Scholar): Liminal States in Rose Tremains The Road Home.

6.30 pm Dinner for participants

14 June (Day 3)

Panel 6: Liminal Women - 9.00 am–10.45 am

Chair: Alison Scott Baumann

Sandra Cardarelli (University of Aberdeen): On the Threshold of the Divine: Painting the Virgin Mary

Michael MacKay (Brigham-Young University): Mormon Polygamy: Women Betwixt and Between Godhood

Zohar Hadromi-Allouche (Trinity College, Dublin): Wife and leader: Khadījah as a first follower Stavros Ntoulis (Independent Scholar): The obvious, the threadbare, the banal: The question of liminal/anti-liminal female artistry in Ella Hepworth Dixon´s The Story of a Modern Woman Social

Panel 7: Liminality: An alternative to one’s actual place - 11.15 am–1.00 pm

Chair: Pauline Brooks

Robert Segal (University of Aberdeen): Liminality for Turner

Jose R. Irizarry (Villanova University, Theology and Religious Studies, Pennsylvania): Ivan Illich’s Pedagogics of Liminality


Alexandra Grieser (Trinity College, Dublin): Rising, falling, or staying where we are? – Conceptual metaphors and the techno- visioneering of a life without limits

Summary and Farewell