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Information For Residents

The Accommodation Office web site contains detailed information for residents, especially those ariving in Dublin for the first time. It includes information on, the services available to residents, fire safety, housekeeping, forms issued by the Accommodation Office and information on maintenance and repairs.

In particular the attention of residents is drawn to the "12 O'Clock Rule" which states that residents may, from time to time, have an overnight guest, provided that guest is signed in on the guest-book before midnight. If you arrive at Front Gate after that time with a guest who has not been singed in they will not be admitted to college. Note that restrictions apply to having guests on the night of the Trinity Ball, during the Christmas vacation and during examination time.

Useful Documents


Useful telephone numbers

Registrar of Chambers - Emma Stokes
Postal Address West Chapel
Trinity College
Dublin 2.
Tel (01) 896 1327

(01) 671 1267

Assistants to the Registrar of Chambers

David Fitzpatrick

Tel. (01) 896 8483


Cédric Assambo

Tel. (01) 896 2288


Eileen Drew

Tel. (01) 896 1322

Other Useful numbers  
-Security Patrol (01) 896 1317
-College Emergency (01) 896 1999
-Accommodation Office (01) 896 1177
-Junior Dean (01) 896 1551
-Safety Officer
(01) 896 1914


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Last Updated: 04-Feb-2010