Support for Staff in The School of Psychology

College have committed to the Athena SWAN process and engaged in improving access and equality. The School is actively reviewing internal supports that can enhance staff and students experience. If you have any queries or suggestions, please contact us at EQID-PSYCH@TCD.IE

This page lists supports available to staff members.

Induction for new staff members

New staff will find the general induction information on the Human Resources website.

Leave policies

Details on policies relating to maternity, paternity, adoption and parental leave can be found on the Human Resources website. Other leave policies (including those relating to career breaks, carer’s leave and sick leave) can also be found here.


Trinity has an on-site day nursery, which is open to children of both staff and students. This service is available from 8am to 6pm during term time, and 8am to 5:15pm during summer time.


Policies are in place to support breastfeeding mothers. Staff who are breastfeeding can take one hour per day to do so, and this arrangement is available for as long as the mother chooses or until the child is two years old.

Flexible working

Trinity offers a number of schemes for flexible working, including the shorter working year scheme. It may also be possible for research staff to negotiate flexible working with their individual PIs, allowing for informal flexible working arrangements.


Informal mentoring is common throughout the School. Additional formal mentoring can be arranged through Human Resources. A number of mentoring schemes are available, including the Early Career Mentoring Initiative for Academics, the Momentum Programme for Academics and the Professional Primary Skills for Researchers Programme.

Bullying and Harassment

The College’s policy on Dignity and Respect can be found here. This policy includes information on resolving issues through both informal and formal means.