Welcome to Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is a leading University on the world stage. Combining advanced research and scholarship with an educational environment that values the whole student experience, Trinity is a unique and vibrant College which emphasises the importance of a liberal education.

For over four centuries, Trinity has formed global minds and will continue to do so as faculty members and students are drawn from around the world to work and study here.

Trinity is proud that many of its alumni have gone on to make an impact in Ireland and in the wider world: from the physicist E.T.S. Walton who won the Nobel Prize for splitting the atom, to the mathematician William Rowan Hamilton who invented quaternions, to the great figures of world literature Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, and Samuel Beckett.

As Provost & President I invite you to explore these web pages to learn more about this great University.

Patrick Prendergast
Provost & President